1, 421 Christians Hacked To Death By Nigeria’s Jihadists In Seven Months Of 2020 (1stJan-31st July)

…UN, Commonwealth, ICC, EU, US, UK, Canada, Vatican, Australia, Brazil, Israel & others written & asked to intervene

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Wednesday, 5th August 2020, Intersociety, Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria: Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law is continuously alarmed over ceaseless and untamed massacre of Christians in Nigeria or any part thereof and the lackadaisical attitude and strongly suspected complicity of the present central Government and its security forces. It is specifically shocking that in the past seven months of 2020 or 1stJan to 31st July 2020, no fewer than 1,421 Christians have been hacked to death, out of which Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen accounted for 1,027 deaths, Jihadist Boko Haram and ISWAP over 310 deaths and Jihadist Ansaru and Jihadist “Bandits” over 60. The total Christian deaths of 1,421 included “24 dark figures”.

The above was also the summary of three letters we wrote differently and electronically submitted to the Secretary General of UN, Antonio Guterres, Commonwealth Secretary General, Rt. Hon Patricia Scotland (QC) and Chief Prosecutor of ICC, Ms Fatou Bensouda on one part; and US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, His Holiness Pope Francis and the High Commissioners/Ambassadors of Australia, Canada, Israel, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Ireland on the other. The third letter was also jointly and separately sent to the European Union Delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS and Ambassadors of the following EU Member-States: Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Austria and Sweden.

In our letter to the UN Secretary General, the Commonwealth Secretary General and the Chief Prosecutor of ICC, they were reminded that it will be gravely calamitous to sit and watch by and allow Nigeria, a country of multi-ethnicity and multi-religions with explosive population of over 200m people; to explode into ‘complex humanitarian emergencies’; incapable of being managed if allowed to explode. Calling for their immediate intervention to save Nigerian Christians and exert pressure on Nigerian authorities to respect and enforce rights to life and religious freedoms; the ICC Prosecutor was specifically called upon to break the Int’l Criminal Court’s long years of silence and inaction regarding the ongoing butcheries in Nigeria including its long delays to do the needful in since 2010 when it claimed to have “opened investigations on Nigeria”.

The Secretary General of Commonwealth, Rt. Hon Patricia Scotland was reminded about the Harare Commonwealth Declaration(1991) which affirmed that human rights are among the fundamental political values of the Commonwealth and that the Commonwealth Charter, agreed to by the Commonwealth’s Heads of Government in 2012 also underscores the commitment of Member States to Commonwealth principles and values inclusive of human rights. For US Secretary of State and His Holiness Pope Francis and High Commissioners/Ambassadors of EU, Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, Israel and others, our letter called on them to intervene including launching their own investigations into the anti Christian butcheries in Nigeria or any part thereof and ascertaining roles played and still being played in the butcheries by the present Government of Nigeria; all for purposes of incorporating their findings into their general and specific relationships with Government of Nigeria particularly in the areas of development and humanitarian assistance, military aids and supplies, economic and diplomatic relationships or actions.

Detailed Summary Of Anti Christian Butcheries In Jan-July 2020

Total 1,421 Christian Deaths In Seven Months: It is most likely correct to say that no fewer than 1,421 defenseless Christians were hacked to death by Nigeria’s Jihadists in the past seven months of 2020 or 1st January to 31st July 2020 and out of this number, Jihadist Herdsmen accounted for 1,027 Christian deaths, jihadists including Boko Haram and Islamic State in West Africa Province 310 Christian deaths and Jihadist Ansaru and Jihadist “Bandits” over 60 Christian deaths in addition to 24 others (‘dark figures’); totaling 1,421 Christian deaths.

1,027 Christians Killed In Seven Months Of 2020 By Jihadist Herdsmen Alone: The total Christian casualties from Jihadist Herdsmen killings alone across Nigeria especially in Southern Kaduna, Benue and Plateau States and Igbo Land in the past seven months or Jan-July 2020 had risen to 1,027 deaths. Out of this number, the Adara Kingdom and environs in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State were visited with 164 killings or Christian deaths and the rest of the Southern Kaduna 199 deaths, totaling 363 Christian lives lost. The rest of the country excluding Southern Kaduna was also in the past seven months of 2020 or 1st Jan to 31stJuly 2020 visited with 664 Jihadist Herdsmen killings or Christian deaths. In July 2020, Southern Kaduna, alone, lost no fewer than 175 Christians, out of total anti Christian killings of 211 in July. Benue State had in the same month recorded eleven Christian deaths, Kogi 14, Nasarawa 9 and Taraba two.

State-by-State Breakdown Of The Jihadist Herdsmen Killings In Jan-July 2020: Our detailed statistics showed that in the past seven months of 2020 or 1st January to 31stJuly 2020, Southern Kaduna recorded the highest number of Christian deaths in the hands of Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen with 363 Christian lives, followed by Plateau State with 158 deaths, Benue 152 deaths, Kogi 54, Adamawa 40, Nasarawa 40, Taraba 32, Niger State 30, Igbo Land including Igbo-Delta and Igbo-Benue 30 deaths, non Igbo-Delta 20 deaths, Edo 10 and Southwest particularly Ondo and Oyo 20 Christians deaths and others 11; totaling 1,027 Christian deaths in seven months or Jan-July 2020.

394 Christians Killed By BH, ISWAP & Other Jihadists In Jan-July 2020: No fewer than 394 defenseless Christians were killed in Northeast, Northwest and North-central Nigeria from Jan-July 2020 by Boko Haram and ISWAP jihad terrorists as well Ansaru terror group and Jihadist “Bandits”. By our report of 12th July 2020, not less than 350 Christians were hacked to death by the named Jihadist groups from 1stJan to 10th July 2020”. Boko Haram and ISWAP had accounted for no fewer than 300 Christian deaths out of over 600 killed. Between 12th to 31st July, over ten more Christian deaths were recorded by the duo including five aid workers publicly executed by ISWAP on 22nd July 2020. While BH and ISWAP killings including massacre of defenseless Christians had majorly taken place in Borno, Taraba and Adamawa States, the killings and abductions by Jihadist “Bandits” and Ansaru have particularly affected the Christian parts of Northwest and North-Central Regions including Kaduna in the North-West and Kogi, Nasarawa and Niger States in the North-Central; leading to their responsibility for over 60 Christian deaths in seven months.

683 Christian Lives Lost In 19 Months Or Jan 2019-July 2020 In Southern Kaduna: It is shocking to note that in the 570 days gone by or 1st Jan 2019 to 31st July 2020 (19 months), Southern Kaduna had lost not less than 683 Christians; involving: 320 lives lost in 2019 and 363 lost from 1st Jan to 31st July 2020. In 2019, the Adara Community and environs alone lost 240 lives and other parts of Southern Kaduna 80; and in the past seven months or 210 days of 2020, same Adara and environs located in Kajuru Local Government Area has lost 163 Christian lives and the rest parts of Southern Kaduna 199.

363 Christians Killed In Southern Kaduna In Seven Months & 175 In July 2020

Southern Kaduna has lost no fewer than 363 defenseless Christians in seven months of 2020 or 1st Jan to 31st July, 2020. Out of this figure, Adara Community and environs in Kajuru Local Government Area was visited with 164 Christian deaths while remaining parts of Southern Kaduna recorded 199 Christian deaths. Not less than 175 Christian lives were also lost to Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen in Southern Kaduna in the month of July 2020.

The 175 deaths in July included the feared killing in the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen custody or captivity, of the 32 abducted Christians who were abducted and disappeared till date by the invading Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen on 16thJuly 2020 in Mai-ido and other neighboring villages in Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State. Names of the four defenseless Christians slaughtered on the spot during the attack were: Samaila Bulus, Danjuma Bala, Christopher Bawa Ayuba and Sunday Rabo Barga. The loss of 175 Christian lives in one month in Southern Kaduna is the highest in the State since Oct 2016.

Among the abducted 32 Christians now presumed killed in the Jihadist Herdsmen’s captivity or unlawful custody are: Joseph Na’Allah, Buhari Maidawa, Abigail Buhari, John Rai Bako, David Tambaya, Ishaya Gabriel, Micah Gabriel, Anthony Gabriel, Irimiya Luka, Bala Mallam, Sabo Luka, John Gaiya, Ishaku Lazarus, Godwin Sunday, Ishaku Elisha, Anthony Rabo, Joel Elisha, Maisaje Aburon, Kasuwa Aburon, Musa Maichibi, Kefas Ishaya and Danjuma Buhari; totaling 22 in number out of the disappeared 32 Christians..

135 Soldiers Killed By Jihadists In Three Months (May-July 2020): By the account of the Nigerian Security Tracker, 2020; a Project of Council on Foreign Relations’ African Program headed by a former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, and other dependable sources, not less than 135 soldiers were killed by the trio of Boko Haram terror jihadists, Islamic Movement in West Africa Province (ISWAP) and the jihadist ‘Bandits’ between May and end of July 2020. Their records showed that on May 18, 12 Nigerian soldiers killed in Diffa, Niger Republic. May 18, two soldiers killed in Gujba, Yobe State. June 13, 20 soldiers killed in Monguno, Borno. June 6, ISWAP killed six soldiers in Konduga, Borno. June 11, Boko Haram released a video showing execution of a Christian soldier and a Christian Police Officer. June 27, 10 soldiers killed in Damboa, Borno. July 2, three soldiers killed in Mobar, Borno. July 10, 20 soldiers killed in Kukawa, Borno. July 10, 15 soldiers killed in Gambarou-Ngala, Borno. July 13, eight soldiers killed in Konduga, Borno. July 13, four soldiers killed in Kaga, Borno. July 18, 23 soldiers killed by Jihadist “Bandits” in Jibia, Katsina State and July 25, 10 soldiers killed in Damboa, Borno State; all totaling at least 135 soldiers killed in three months (May-July 2020). Intersociety does not include “battle-field related deaths” in its counting-except where soldiers are killed conspiratorially at the clandestine instigation of the authorities on the on the grounds of their tribe or religion.

Over 100 Mainly Christians & Scores Of Muslims Abducted By Jihadists In July 2020: By the account of the Nigerian Security Tracker, 2020; a Project of Council on Foreign Relations’ African Program headed by a former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, the following abductions by Jihadists were recorded in Nigeria in the month of July 2020: July 8: Gunmen kidnapped ten in Toto, Nasarawa. July 9: Jihadists abducted eight in Abaji, near FCT, Abuja. July 13: Jihadists abducted five in Gassol, Taraba. July 16: Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen invaded and abducted 32 Christians (presumed killed in their custody) in Mai-Ido and other neighboring villages in Kachia Local Government Area of Christian dominated Southern Kaduna. July 18: Jihadists abducted six in Chikun, Kaduna. July 20: Jihadist “Bandits” kidnapped sixteen in Rafi, Niger State. July 22: Boko Haram killed five kidnapped aid workers in Borno. July 23: Jihadists abducted five in Jada, Adamawa. July 28: Fulani Kidnappers abducted five in Suleja, Niger State. July 29: Fulani Bandits kidnapped three in Chikun, Kaduna. July 31: two Igbo Christians-a lawyer and a businessman were abducted along Ugwogo-Isi-Uzo Road, Nsukka, Enugu State by Jihadist Herdsmen (Vanguard Newspaper, 1st August 2020). Dozens of Christians were also abducted by the Jihadists in July in Southern Kaduna and Abuja-Kaduna Highway; totaling over 100 abductions in one month.

Eight Major Indicators Linking The Nigerian Central Government To Fulani & Boko Haram Jihadism: One of the eight major indicators vicariously or directly linking the present central Government of Nigeria to Fulani and Boko Haram Jihadism in Nigeria or any part thereof is the chronically asymmetric composition of the country’s security and defense establishments particularly their commands and controls which are now, some say, “90% Muslim controlled or dominated”. Such gross lopsided composition or near total domination of same by Muslims have been fueling the anti Christian butcheries in the country or any part thereof including Southern Kaduna; leading to ‘brothers at Jihad’ solidarity and practice among the drafted security personnel and their superior dominated and controlled by Muslims.

For instance, out of 22 top national security, defense and justice establishments, 18 are held and controlled by Muslims; with only four left for Christians. In Kaduna State, a State with 23 Local Government Areas where indigenous Christians are found dominating at least ten Local Government Areas Areas (eight in Southern Senatorial District and two In Central Senatorial District or roughly 40% of the State population), the following is the present composition of its present politico-security establishments: (1) Governor/Chief Security Officer: Nasiru el-Rufai-Muslim, (2)Deputy Governor: Hadiza Balarebe-Muslim, (3) Speaker of State Assembly: Yusuf Zilani-Muslim, (4) Chief Judge: Mohammed Lawal Bello-Muslim and (5) Kaduna State Attorney General: Aisha Dikko- Muslim.

Others are: (6) Army GOC of Kaduna: Major Gen Mohammed Usman-Muslim, (7) Commanding Officer, 313 Artillery, Kaduna: Lt Col A.K. Muhammad-Muslim, (8) Air Officer Commanding Kaduna Air Force Base: Air Vice Marshal Musa Muktar-Muslim, (9) Commander, BSG NAF Base, Kaduna: Group Capt Hadi Ahmed-Muslim, (10) Commander of the Nigerian Navy School of Armament in Kachia, Kaduna: Navy Commodore Baba Inna-Fulani Muslim, (11) State Commissioner of Police: Umar Muri-Muslim and (12) State Director of SSS: Idris Ahmed Koya-Muslim.

The rest are: (13) Commandant, Nigerian Security & Civil Defense Corps, Kaduna: Babangida Dutsenma-Muslim, (14) State Comptroller Correctional Service (Prisons Service): Sanusi Danmusa-Muslim, and (15) Corps Marshal/CEO, KASTELLEA, Kaduna: Garba Rimi-Muslim. Source: Center for Inclusive Governance & National Development, Kaduna: July 2020 (re-investigated by Intersociety).

For more details on eight major indicators of the Federal Government’s complicity, see the link here: http://intersociety-ng.org/component/k2/item/558-eight-major-indicators-vicariously-linking-the-present-government-of-nigeria-to-herdsmen--bh-jihadism

For deeper reading and analysis of this report, the link to our investigated data sources is here: http://intersociety-ng.org/phocadownload/2019/file%20containing%20statistical%20sources2-converted%20new.pdf

Attached Photo: Southern Kaduna Christians Women Protesting In July 2020 Against Anti Christian Butcheries By Jihadist Herdsmen

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