Re- Haiti To Quit United Nations To Join The African Union, Said Haitian Leader

Concerned Reader Disagrees With Historical content says: " is riddled with historical errors.."
By Concerned Reader

A concerned reader of The Nigerian Voice has reacted to the content of our publication "Haiti To Quit United Nations To Join The African Union, Said Haitian Leader", published on 25th July, 2020 and authored by Bob Duval. In his opinion, the said story is devoid of historical facts. The Nigerian Voice thanks our Concerned reader from Denmark for his remarks.

Statement below:
Dear editor,
The article about Haiti quitting the UN is riddled with historical errors, Columbus never discovered Haiti as he discovered the Hispaniola on behalf of the Spanish Kingdom, Haiti didn't exist until its independence several centuries later and nas there was no French presence in the island for a very long time, there's no historical claim to support Haiti was ever discovered by Columbus.

The Hispaniola is now the Dominican Republic, ergo the Dom. Rep. Was discovered by Columbus, moreover Saint Dominique doesn't even exist as capital names are always kept in their original la gauge which would be Santo Domingo which again, is not a country but the capital city of the Dominican Republic, I would appreciate a more thorough study of history for future articles to prevent the dissemination of lies and inventions.