Re: ‘Madagascar’s COVID-19 Solution and Perils of Soldiering for African Cures’: Dr Abalaka Replies

Source: Prof. Jideofor Adibe
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In the above article which was published in my Thursday columns in both the Daily Trust and The News Chronicle of July 23 2020 (and republished elsewhere), I referenced Dr Jeremiah Abalaka thus:

“In Nigeria one of the most dramatic claims of a cure for viruses or sicknesses that have defied Western orthodox medicine was that of Dr Jeremiah Abalaka, who was then an Enugu based surgeon who claimed to have found a cure for HIV and AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s. Like Madagascar’s Rajoelina he also played the race card on why his ‘cure’ was being ignored by the West.

“Many of us bought into the race thing at that time and I remember writing a number of articles in some magazines in London such as New African and the defunct West Africa trying to defend him. Though he has continued to maintain his claim, last year one Mohammed Farouk, who claimed to be one of 30 Nigerian soldiers who contracted HIV while serving in ECOMOG and were sent to Dr Abalaka for treatment in 1999-2000 made a video in which he called Dr Abalaka a “a blatant liar and murderer”. In the video Farouk also claimed that he was the only one of the 30 soldiers who survived Dr Abalaka’s treatment and that while the other 29 soldiers died, Dr Abalaka’s ‘cure’ ended up also infecting him with the Hepatitis B virus.”

Dr Abalaka took a very strong but polite exception to my portraiture of his HIV vaccine claim. Below is his response:

Greetings, Prof Adibe. I hope you and your affairs are okay.

For years, I have been a regular reader of your "THE THURSDAY COLUMN" in DAILY TRUST newspaper. I have, over time, developed deep respect for the quality of factual and analytical contents of many of your articles.

I was in the first set of graduating medical students from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in June 1972. I was the best graduating medical student in my set. During my 5-year medical training, I had distinctions in Chemistry, Physiology, Biochemistry, Community Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Paediatrics. I also passed with Distinction the Postgraduate Certificate Course in Immunology from the University of Ibadan in September 1974. I did not achieve my academic qualifications using fraud or quackery, Prof.

I was filled with sympathy for you after what you wrote about me in your article under discussion. Please note that I have never lived or practised anything in Enugu.

When you know the facts, I think you would be terribly disappointed with yourself for writing false and prejudiced statements about me and my safe and effective vaccines (preventive and therapeutic) against 3 rampaging pandemics caused by viruses: HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) and HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) without giving me a hearing. Your article completely ignored the time-tested altruism to hear the other side.

You wrote at length about the video of one Mohammed Farouk about me but failed to even mention that I produced a video response to his deliberately false assertions.

Nobody sent any ECOMOG soldiers to me for treatment. If you had simply asked the liar Mohammed Farouk to give you his Hospital Registration Number for you to cross check, you would have known that he was just a paid loudspeaker for his sponsors and paymasters. Contrary to his false assertion that my vaccine infected him with HBV, my vaccines cure and prevent HBV!

It may interest you to note that many have been cured of HIV, HBV and HCV with my innovative and safe vaccination treatments.

As far back as 2004, the international Journal “Vaccine” published a report of my work. In that report, I released the relevant details including the Hospital Numbers, ages and sex of all those that had been cured of HBV, HCV and HIV by my safe and innovative therapeutic vaccinations.

When the Obasanjo Government issued a blanket ban on all the 26 or so claimants of cure of HIV in Nigeria on 20th July, 2000, I was the only claimant who sued The President and Nigeria’s Attorney General at the Federal High Court over the ban of my vaccines. If Obasanjo’s Government had just a little modicum of intelligent reasoning that Government would have realised that the only one claimant of cure that sued the Government must have had something the Government had missed, but alas, poor collective intellectual reasoning has always been the bane of Nigerian Governments up till today.

I tendered before the court evidence of the efficacy and safety of my innovative vaccines.

During the trial and upon NAFDAC’s application to the Court for it to be one of the Defendants in the Suit, the trial Court made NAFDAC the 3rd Defendant in the matter. It may interest you to note that none of the 3 defendants in the Suit (The President of Nigeria, The Attorney General of Nigeria and NAFDAC) called any witness to testify on their behalf!

In its well-considered judgment in November 2014, the Court found that I had proved my case and that the banning of my vaccines was arbitrary, unconstitutional, null and void.

Everyone knows about the rascality and disdain for Court judgements and Court Orders by Nigerian Governments.

The Jonathan administration under which the judgement was given in November 2014 treated the judgement with disdain. The Buhari administration came on board on 29th May, 2015 with a promise of *Change* but up till now, his Government has fared no better than his predecessors with regards to that November 2014 judgement in which The President of Nigeria, his Attorney General and NAFDAC were defendants and were all represented by Counsel. As far as I know, no appeal has been filed against that November 2014 judgement of the Federal High Court.

Please note that scientific discoveries are never made by following sheepishly the dogmas of the day.

New discoveries in science and medicine are always the result of innovative thinking against the dogmas of the day, as is well illustrated by the case of airplanes. The scientific experts of the late 1800s and early 1900s held that it was gravitationally impossible for anything made of iron to fly. It took the ingenuity and innovative thinking of just two bicycle repairer brothers to make mincemeat of that dogma.

A practising Surgeon, I came unto the scene of a rampaging HIV pandemic in the late 80s, studied the situation critically with my little knowledge of Medicine and immunology and saw clearly that the medical and scientific worlds had gone completely astray in their approach to developing safe and effective HIV vaccines.

I decided to join the fray in a solo effort to develop HIV vaccines to protect myself as a Surgeon from the rampaging HIV for which the rest of the world still says, albeit falsely, that there are no effective and safe vaccines, either prophylactically or therapeutically.

After 7 years of my research in which I used myself as the guinea-pig (the HIV hardly infects other animals), I did not only hit the bull's eye but got additional rewards of safe and effective remedies against two other still ravaging pandemics, HBV and HCV.

The international Journal *“Vaccine”* published a report of my work in September 2004 accompanied by an Editorial which if you read, will likely make you weep not only for yourself over what you wrote about me in your article but for the curse under which Nigeria and its leaders continue to live, beating about in the bush with corruption, banditry, insurgency, kidnapping etc. all over.

Here are excerpts from that Editorial written by Prof Ray Spier, a British citizen with no Nigerian ancestry:

“… he has provided this author with a detailed account of the process he uses so that I am able to assure readers that to the best of my understanding the method he deployed is at least a plausible approach to a vaccine… In any case these data are remarkable as they fly in the face of current concepts of immunology…. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. I believe that Abalaka has risen to this challenge. I also hold that within the limitations of his situation he has sought with diligence and conscientiousness to faithfully record the evidence as it appears to him: warts and all…”

Since April, 1984 the medical scientific world has failed in their efforts to produce any safe and effective vaccines against the HIV.

For a Surgeon in Nigeria to do so single-handed is a slap on their face. It deeply hurts their pride and ego. I expect you Prof to appreciate that.

As long as they continue in their wrong approach to developing effective and safe HIV vaccines, so long will they continue to face failure at the end of their efforts.

I invite you to arrange a meeting with me at any place of your choice for further rubbing of minds if you are interested. I will be grateful if you publish this my response in your columns, Prof.

With my best wishes always.
Dr. Jeremiah O. A Abalaka
0812 734 0836 (WhatsApp chats only)

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