The Internet & Social Media: Benefits & Challenges !

By Rotimi Onadipe

The internet & social media are great tools that are very useful to our daily lives. We can use them to enrich our lives in several ways and this is one of the most important reasons why the 21st century is regarded as the best century.

In this technology age, the internet and social media have exposed the entire world and changed the way we do many things.

In as much as the internet and social media have brought a lot of conveniences to the human life, these great tools have also exposed the whole world on a totally strange & unimaginable level.

However, we must be mindful of both the benefits and challenges of internet and social media.

Benefits of Internet & Social Media:
1. Fast & easy communication.
2. Fast business transaction.
3. Easy learning of languages.
4. Easy dissemination of breaking news.
5. Research can easily be conducted.
6. Quick investigation of crime.
7. Online education.
8. Easy access.
9. Easy learning of different skills.
10. Online advertisement.
Challenges of Internet & Social Media:
1. Moral decadence.
2. Addiction
3. Increases crime rate in the society.
4. Negative impacts on children.
5. Online flirting.
6. Cyber bullying.
7. Broken relationship.
8. Viruses can easily destroy devices.
9. Negative impacts on the health of users.
10. Negative impacts on the academic performance of students.

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