President Buhari, Gov Wike, Igp Adamu Nigeria Is Still A Nation Of Laws: Min. Akpabio, Cp Mukan Should Go For Now For The Sake Of The Rule Of Law

Source: Prof. John Egbeazien Oshodi

Nigeria, despite its never stop heightened national challenges, it is still a nation under the Rule of Law.

Under our nation’s democratic laws, no one should have the unrestrained exercise of power over any other citizen, and the recent events in our nation shows that there is need to put a limit or check to the behavior of officials who think they are not subject to the laws of the land.

In a shameful and embarrassing ways, across national and international media we all saw the open official sores and verbal fights, between the Niger Delta Affairs Minister, Godswill Akpabio, and the former Managing Director of the Niger-Delta Development Commission, Joi Nunieh.

Then in a more disgraceful way, a full blown slap to the rule of law would take place by the illegal invasion of the residence of Nunieh, by the Nigeria Police ( )

Nunieh, narrated to the media, how without warrant of search and arrest, multiple armed police officers broke her residential gate and tried to break the security door to her home.

Mr President, no matter her civil or criminal offenses if any, the open question is why should a citizen be subjected to this type of earlier hours terror and cruelty, in a State where we have the Courts from where a legitimate warrant can be obtained at any time.

The victim in an attempt to protect her life and property, desperately made phone calls including one to a Senator, Magnus Abe who then called the Police Commissioner Joseph Mukan, who reportedly denied knowledge of the intrusion but promised to quickly come to her residence to rescue her.

Still under acute fear and insecurity, she was informed of the CP’s arrival only to find out he did not show up, instead a senior police officer under the CP, appeared, and risking her life more she opened the door at which time she stated that the police officers tried to grab her.

Still under huge pressure and danger, she was able to safely close her doors, and fortunately she finally reached the Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State Governor.

The Governor quickly arrived at the scene, rescued her from apparent police kidnapping and illegal invasion.

The media reports that she is currently no longer under police siege, and now under government protection at the Government House, Port Harcourt( ).

Mr President, the victim has now directly accused the Minister and the Police of apparently working together to capture her, especially on a day when she was due to appear before a House of Representatives panel, probing abuses at the Niger Delta Development Commission.

Mr President and Governor Wike, for this naked abuse from the executive branch of the government which include the reported conducts of the Minister and the Police who were present apparently under the command of a State police Commissioner. However, there is now general denial from the nation’s police force. This itself is strange.

Since there is now this line of denial by the Nigeria Police that the police officers who attacked the victim are not from the Rivers State command, makes it more important to find out if they came from another country or other commands. During this period for the purpose of a follow up investigation on the disorder, Akpabio and the CP should be briefly relieved and moved from their present offices. Pleading ignorance of this type of unlawful policing is no excuse.

What happened here, by all accounts is a form of oppression and threats to a citizen of our country.

This victim is to some extent, very lucky, as the average Nigeria does not easily have access to a Senator, and a Governor to save them from illegal invasion by the police.

Writing from the point of an observer, and having never met the two warring parties, to any reasonable mind the continued disdain for the Constitution and the rule of law remains troubling as we all try to grow our young democracy.

Prof John Egbeazien Oshodi, is a Forensic/Legal/Clinical/ Psychologist, a Police and Prison Scientist and the Chief Clinician at the STOP IT RIGHT NOW, a specialized Online and community-based program that is offered by the DR JOHN EGBEAZIEN OSHODI FOUNDATION (JEOF) a nonprofit Education and Psychological Forensic Behavioral organization. [email protected]

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