AGF Abubakar Malami Refutes Allegation On Purchase Of Multi-Million Naira House For Recently Married Son

By The Nigeria Voice

The Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, has refuted a report which claimed that he purchased a multi-million Naira Abuja mansion for his son who recently got married.

Speaking on Saturday, Malami described the report as ‘fabricated allegations’ that had become the trade of his traducers.

The report published on an online news medium (not THE WHISTLER) had also claimed that the Attorney-General was planning “a second leg” of wedding for his son and had allegedly chartered private jets to convey guests to the purported venue.

Responding, Malami said: “God knows not a rented house was secured for my son in Abuja because he has no plan to live therein.”

He added that, “It is one of such libelous publications of which the newspaper is commonly known for. It targets a selected few for unsubstantiated fabricated allegations while overlooking more serious reasonable allegations visibly open against its favoured sectional kinsmen.”

The AGF challenged anyone with evidence on his alleged purchase of the said mansion and charter of private jets to make such public.

“Who is the vendor of the purported house bought for my son in Abuja at N300m? Where is it located? Where are the title documents?” he queried.

Malami further said on the alleged chartered jets: “It is common knowledge that I have neither a father nor mother anywhere in Nigeria to convey to Kano for the wedding.”

“Who then am I using the chartered flight to convey? Which jets are chartered? Who paid for the charter? Through which means was the money paid?” he further queried.