Important Information For Men! 

By Dr Tosin Akindele

I am made to understand that consent for sex has now entered the era of continuous affirmation and reaffirmation even unto commencement of, and during ejaculation!

Above forms the summary of what I have been reading especially on social media of late.

Advocates say that contrary to what held fast previously, continuing to ask the famale participants to reaffirm consent even when tugid penises are initially welcome into, and lodged in their vaginas is key!

That silence of the female even at this point means no!

Better rig your house with video cameras and make women sign written consents before sex.

All this anxiety should make your penis come to "rest", shouldn't it?

And at a deeper level, you need to consider if the female folk are really worth interacting with.

Better "hold ya side"!
Safer to revert to masturbators if your aim is just pleasure....or egg donors and surrogates if your ultimate aim is to have a kid.

The females who litter street alleys and street corners are also options...if that very idea does not provoke absolute revulsion and nausea in you....

After all, their female folk would rather have them referred to as "Sex Workers"!... who are merely working...

Definitions... Vagina renters are called prostitutes. Womb renters are called surrogates. Egg or ovum sellers are called vendors. Breast milk sellers also called vendors.

All these categories of women come at a price.
Items and services with prices hitherto agreed upon and fully paid for rarely end in squabbles.

Better than assumed reciprocities in cash or kind that are not forthcoming as expected.

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.