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Why Black Americans Willingly Kill Themselves Because Of Shoes 

By Rotimi Fabiyi
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It might sound strange to hear that black Americans sometimes kill themselves because of shoes, but the fact exists that wearing of a certain type of shoe by a black American might make another black American shoot him dead on the spot.

Among black Americans, there is a violent street gang known as Bloods. It is notorious in the State of California and consists mainly of black Americans. The favourite colour of the members of Bloods is red since the colour of blood is red, hence Blood members wear red head gears and red tops, are usually in possession of red bandanas, regularly wear sports jerseys that have red colour, and use red paints in creating wall graffiti. One other very important thing is that it is part of the rules and regulations of the Bloods to have at least a pair of Nike Air Max 95 sports shoes. The particular Air Max 95 might be of red colour or not, but each Blood member must have at least one pair of Nike Air Max 95. Blood gang members specialise in illegal drug peddling, pimping (i e arranging mostly black American girls for commercial prostitution), extortion, drive-by shooting, contract killing, etc.

The main rivals of the Bloods are members of another deadly street gang known as the Crips. The favourite colour of Crips members is blue colour so they usually wear blue head gears and blue tops, are usually in possession of blue bandanas, regularly wear sports jerseys that are blue in colour, and use blue paints to create graffiti. For every member of the Crips gang (most of whom are usually black Americans), it is compulsory to own at least a pair of Nike Air Max 98 which might be blue in colour or not. Members of the Crips gang are well known to be involved in contract killing, extortion, pimping, illegal drug peddling, armed robbery, etc.

If a member of the Bloods wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 95 goes to a black American ghetto controlled by Crips gang members, the Blood member can be identified by his Air Max 95 (because in the world of black American street gangs known as Crip, only a member of the Bloods wears Air Max 95) and promptly shot dead. Black American members of the street gang Blood have also been known to shoot dead their fellow black American because of wearing of a pair of Air Max 98 sports shoes because in the world of members of Blood, only members of Crips street gang wear Air Max 98.

In other words, black Americans willingly gun themselves down because of sports shoes. The two most deadly black American street gangs Blood and Crips have their own brand of sports shoes and are ready to gun themselves down due to who wore which shoe or not.

When white Americans sensibly avoid having any interaction with a group of people who kill themselves because of shoes, persons who know next to nothing about the anti-social nature of most black Americans will promptly but ignorantly accuse white Americans of bigotry and discrimination but they will not ask themselves if a race who kills itself because of shoes is not a disgraceful race.

That black Americans kill themselves because of shoes is not a myth. It is a fact which has just been proved

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