Igbo Councillors And MPs In The Uk (icm- Uk) Raises Voice Against Maltreatment Of Igbos In Nigeria

By Igbo Councillors And Mps In The Uk (icm- Uk)
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Elected political leaders of Igbo Origin in the UK, past and present, have come under one umbrella, THE IGBO COUNCILLORS AND MPs in the UK (ICM- UK) to advocate for Igbo people in the UK and in our home country Nigeria.

The main objective of this group is to advocate for unity, peace and progress of all Igbos in all ramifications in the UK and Igbo land. We aim to achieve this by seeking to empower Igbo families and their children through education, political and economical emancipation and the promotion of our Igbo cultural and traditional heritage whilst living in the UK.

The group will be standing against all forms of discrimination and marginalisation of the Igbo people whether here in the UK or in Nigeria and will be lobbying against these matters within any legal means necessary.

A spokes person for the group confirms that ICM- UK are currently campaigning against the reported ongoing atrocities, like the raping of our women and young female children, killing of innocent and unarmed Igbos in their own communities, High level kidnappings as well as destruction of homes, livestocks and farmlands by the Fulani Herdsmen, whom it seems are bent on occupation of our lands and forceful islamisation of our people.

The group says enough is enough and are asking the Nigerian government as well as Foreign governments and other humanitarian international bodies to help bring a stop to these needless, senseless and brutal killings and terrorisation of our people.

The group also calls on the Nigerian government to Stop the migration of the terrorist Fulani Herdsmen to the South Eastern states of Nigeria and set up an enquiry to uncover how these herdsmen have access to the military hardwares like the AK47 and ammunitions used in these brutalities and terrorisation of our communities.

Igbo people all over the world are joining the movement, and the ICM-UK is calling on all Pan-Igbo groups all over the world to come together and declare to the world that whilst we recognise that All lives Matters, Igbo Lives, surely Matters too and its about time, that we stand up, together United, and fight for the peaceful existence and future of our people.

Together, we can make Igbo lives matter! IGWEBUIKE is a well known saying of our people.. ONYEAGHALA NWANNEYA will always be our watchword.

Hon. Endy Ezenwata
(Publicity Secretary ICM-UK)
Cllr Nneka Keazor
(Coordinator General, ICM-UK)