Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) Leaves A Letter In Mongono, Borno State After Attack

By The Nigerian Voice

An alleged attack by the insurgents, suspected to be members of the Islamic State in West Africa Province [ISWAP] in Mongono area of Borno State has left a trail of devastation according to sources. While we await details of the attack, The Nigerian Voice has received a purported letter left behind in Mongono by the insurgents after the attack. Below is a copy of the letter:

“In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

Message: Pay attention
From: the Islamic State in West Africa Province [ISWAP]

To: All Muslims in areas where the army of idolatry/tyranny (ṭāghūt) has presence

The main objective of our jihad [is] Upholding the word of God by the way of implementing shari’a on the servants of God in the state of God.

These are our objectives:
- To protect the blood of Muslims, their religion, their wealth and their dignity from all threats that may arise against them, calling on them to avoid polytheism (shirk), to avoid disbelief (kufr) and to avoid oppression in order to turn to the idea of unity of God (tawḥīd), Islam and justice.

Those that we fight:
- We are fighting polytheists (mushrikūn), white Christians Westerners (Hausa: nasara) and other non-believers. We are fighting anybody that is fighting against Islam even if he claims to be a Muslim.

Those that we spare:
- The blood of Muslims, the integrity and the wealth of Muslims. To harm them is forbidden (haram) to us. It is not allowed to harm these three things with the exceptions that Islam has permitted.

Be careful. Don't allow the army of tyranny/idolatry (tāghūt) to surround/abduct you in the name of protection. Avoid all their locations because those places are our battleground at any time.”