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A Solidarity Piece Against Raping In Our Society

By Waliu Adeyeri
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Summon ye all today
Ye brave Amazon Warriors.
From thy bravery draweth my muse.

Summon I ye that fearlessly fought,
Ye that slayed able men,
Ye that feeds men with fury,
Ye that destroy the destroyer.

I summon ye all,
For today live beasts
Beastly breaching beauties,
Ripping your protégé of their private Rubies.
Slaying souls in their prime,
Hurting woman-ity for fun and cruelty,
Depressing Damsels to kill dull day...

Bringest unto thee cases of them all.
Unsheath thy swords,
Awaken thy shields,
And spare none guilty;
For our world have been slayed of its beauty.

O ye Brave Amazon Warriors!
Here cometh thy fav'rit beat,
Sing with thy swords
Whilst the guilts dance to death.

It is a tooth for a tooth
War for the rapists,
He that destroys the beehive,
Must face the consequence.