He Could Not Breathe

By Olaniyi Akanji
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Olaniyi Akanji
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Could he had reduced the melanin of his skin

Or he could had applied a bleaching cream

Yet he was human being

A living specie of the human race

Who desired to be law-abiding

He chose the route of submission

Took the cuffs without hesitation

A towering piece and a gentle giant

Husband to a woman

And father to a child

He begged for water to drink

He asked to be allowed to breathe

He got no water nor free air

All he got was a firm grip of a knee

Tightened hard to his black neck

The pitch of his voice waned slowly

He could not breathe

Till he passed on

He could not breathe!!!

To the memory of George Floyd who passed away May, 2020, in Minneapolis, USA. He was killed by a police officer.

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