Stop Aggravating Our Fears; Tell Us How To Fortify Our Immune Systems 

By Waliu Adeyeri 
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Now that the News is becoming real that the Federal Government is considering full easing of lockdown. This shows that the Nation is prepared to accommodate and manage the malignant malady called NCov-19.

It is not surprising because it is Nigerian to adapt to any form of situation either good or bad. We have been managing the deadly Malaria since time immemorial, why then can't we manage a virus that only affects the lungs?

Since the first index case in Nigeria at Lagos on the 27 February, 2020 the country has since strengthen its communication with the general public. The incessant safety tips many phone users receive from NCDC confirm this, coupled with the confirmed cases update, and the health directives continually publicised by the State Governments and the Federal Government.

But, something seemed to be missing in the awareness. The general public are yet to be enlightened on how to boost their immune system. The Lagos State commissioner for Health once said in an interview with TVC news said that the recovered patients from COVID-19 were only helped to fortify their immune systems which is believed to be, at the moment, the only shield the body has. Why then do we not have a wide publicity on what to do and eat to keep our immune systems reinforced?

It has been said that prevention is better than cure. But the health directives of washing our hands, avoid touching of faces, the height of it all "LOCKDOWN", have helped in slowing down the rate of contraction to 7,000 plus - yet we are not seeing the picture vividly. Why are we not seeing that there is need to adopt another simple but life saving strategy of informing and providing - maybe as our so called palliatives - the food to eat to make the immune system strong and what to do to aid this process.

While we await the "Almighty Vaccines," 'Yet-to-be-confirmed-solution,' and our 'efficacious herbal remedy,' like we "Waiting for Godot." Kindly, Enlighten the public on how to be strong. Organisations (private and government owned) should educate their staffs about this and possibly provide some helpful immune system builder tips.

The fear COVID-19 has brought to humanity is enough. Can we fearlessly fortify our immune systems to become fearless while we resume our day to day activities.