Fighting Gov. Uzodinma With Fake News

Source: Prof. Nathan Uzoma Protus
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According to William James, “The ultimate test for us of what a truth means is the conduct it dictates or inspires.”I have seen so many leaders but I am yet to see a leader whose philosophies of life are to be compared to that of Christ. Yes, be not afraid of reading and speaking the truth because from another’s evil qualities a wise man conducts and corrects his. No wise man is afraid of going slowly but the wise is against standing still.

In the words of Lao-Tse, “Govern a great nation as you would fry small fish.”I see the right and I approve it, in the same vein, I condemn and censure the wrong no matter who is involved. Some people condemn others because they are not benefiting from them while some too encourage evil people because they benefit from their evils. It’s not a small task to be a social critic; it takes strong moral background to resist mundane influence in order to say the truth. No man hates himself. In the words of Montaigne, “It is a malady confined to man, and not seen in any other creatures, to hate and despise ourselves.”

In his philosophical writings, Aesop shared a fable thus, “A widow, thrifty and industrious, had two servants, whom she kept pretty hard at work. They were not allowed to lie long abed in the mornings, but the old lady had them up and doing as soon as the cock crew. They disliked intensely having to get up at such an hour, especially in winter-times; and they thought that if it were not for the cock waking up their mistress so horribly early, they could sleep longer. So they caught it and wrung its neck. But they weren’t prepared for the consequences. For what happened was that their mistress, not hearing the cock crow as usual, waked them up earlier than ever, and set them to work in the middle of the night.” This is a very interesting fable as it relates to the subject under discussion.

The social media is always awash with fake news that is making some of us abashed. Fake news that is capable of throwing Imolites into perpetual trouble and anguish; occasioned by some political mischief makers. Those who do not want the Imo governor to be focused are completely responsible for this kind of distractions. Without going into the etymological analysis of fake news, it is very imperative to add here that fake news manufactured by the opposition in Imo is only making Gov. Uzordinma stronger and at the same time exposing how desperate and wicked some people are.

The Aesop fable says it all. Those who are responsible for this kind of attacks are likened to the two servants in Aesop’s fable who nevertheless, was against the cock that crew which however gave the thrifty and industrious widow the signal to wake them up. Owing to the simple fact that they disliked waking up in time, they planned and got the cock killed with the thought that it was going to bring to an end the chances of waking up early. Little did they know that they were digging their own graves as the death of the cock made the widow not to keep to her usual time thereby waking them earlier than before. They ended up hurting themselves the more as a result of such wickedness. Those manufacturing fake news as well as their pay masters should take note.

Those peddling and fronting all forms of fake media attack on Gov. Uzodinma are exposing the envious quality in them and by so doing the probe of their pay masters must continue. The question that I have continued to ask is, are these people members of the opposition party, are they Imolites? Do they mean well for Imo people? Admitted that they may be living in Imo but are they of the opposition party the PDP truly? Are they members of the APC who are indirectly opposing the governor and making it difficult for us to understand and for the governor only to be accusing the opposition party? Is there individual somewhere formulating negative stories knowing fully well that people many link it to the PDP? Many questions begging for positive answers and only those that are manufacturing false news can attempt to answer them.

While writing this article, I opened my phone only to read another social media attack and fake news informing us that the government of Imo state has approved the establishment of fifteen Almajiri schools in the three geo-political zones. I was shocked to my bone-marrows how someone could formulate such heinous and odious news that is capable of causing serious damage and there by heating the polity. The Chief Press Secretary to the governor quickly did a response to the false information calling it “Trash.” One a particular occasion the manufacturers of this fake news went to the extent of using the letter headed paper of the governor to do this in order to deceive majority of us. This is a criminal offence that should be investigated and offenders be prosecuted.

While I sincerely appreciate the effort of the CPS to the governor for responding quickly, I wish to state here that the government of Imo State should investigate all those bloggers that have influenced the minds of Imo people negatively with this kind of news and get them arrested. I am in opposition party the PDP, but I love Imo State more than my political party. If anyone is interested is destroying Imo, I shall rise against the person whether he is a governor or President. The person must be dealt with in accordance with the laws of our land. Imolites do not encourage falsehood and as long as our governor remains focused; he will enjoy my support no matter our political differences. Yes, I am a well known social critic and I have never been faulted at any time because I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. I hate punishing an innocent fellow for no reason. The governor is doing his best and we are watching him.

On the other hand, the governor of Imo State Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma should standout like some South-eastern governors have done in condemning the importation of the so called Almajiris to Southeast and South-south regions. His silence as alleged in this regard has been given different interpretations by some elites in the state. Whether the governor is silent or not does not warrant fighting him with fake news. When Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha governed for seven months before he was legally removed by the Supreme Court, he was never attacked with this level of fake news. The only person that attempted opposing Ihedioha was Dr. Febian my good friend who is now a commissioner in this administration; he will tell you his experience.

Ihedioha enjoyed the respect that was meant for a governor; expect few members of the PDP that opposed him for being too parsimonious and thrifty. I do not think that any member of the opposition party opposed him with this level of falsehood and fake news. I sincerely wish to advice members of the opposition parties to discontinue with this dastard act in order not to be like the two servants Aesop talked about in his fable. On my part, I’m still watching our governor. He needs time to either attract our criticism or praise; Senator Hope is not perfect and no one is even those paid to peddle and disseminate all manner and forms of false news, are in themselves enemies of democracy.

In the words of Aristotle, “Man when perfected, is the best of animals, but, when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all.” Must we continue to manifest the worst qualities of an unperfected cum ignoble beings in creation at all time? Those behind this ignoble behaviour should bear in mind that God is watching them. I am a renowned social critic but must have my facts before I write anything. I have never opposed any government in power for nothing. I did it to Gov. Ohakim, again all through the eight years regime of Senator Rochas, the evidence of what happened to me with respect to my criticism are all in the archives of history.

We must talk with facts in order not to be faulted. Gov. Hope has not done any political party any wrong to warrant all these fake news against his administration. Some call him “Supreme Court imposed governor”. I have remained silent because I have also heard some people calling Mr. Ihedioha “INEC imposed governor”. Must we destroy Imo State because of Senator Hope and Rt. Hon Ihedioha? My answer is no, because Imo is bigger than both of them. Those attacking Uzordinma with fake news should be very careful because the law may catch up with them.

The opposition in Imo State has been found manufacturing and spreading fake news. Few months ago it was rumoured that Gov. Hope turbaned three Emirs in Imo State. The government cleared the air on that, after a little time, the opposition churned out yet another fake news against Gov. Uzodinma that he wanted to rename Imo State University to Abba Kyari University. What do they want to achieve? I completely subscribe to the view that criticism is an essential aspect of democracy, but it must follow with facts. We must say what is correct and expose what is real and not spreading falsehood against Senator Uzodinma simply because he is the governor.

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