Why Graduates Need Entrepreneurship Skills

By Onawola Abdulqodri Adewale
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It has been a common ideology among graduates to secure a Government oriented job or a white collar job(stress less job) immediately after their various programs. Many Graduates believe that it is the responsibility of the Government to provide jobs for every Graduate, no matter the standard of the qualification of a specific individual or graduate and the same thing applies to the entire public.

Although, such believe is a pretentious one because the current status or condition of a particular state or country will definitely determine the kind of government programs and provisions that will be available for the general public and specifically,the educated ones who are also regarded as graduates in some cases because not everyone who is educated is a graduate.

For instance, the current economic conditions in Nigeria do not warrant absolute provision of jobs for the Graduates by the Government in the sense that the available resources cannot accommodate the total number Graduates.The available resources mentioned earlier are places where graduates can work like: companies, Industries,Ports e.t.c are minimally numbered.

Most of the Universities in Nigeria produce huge number of Graduates every year, respectively and the current resources cannot accommodate these Graduates. Graduates who find it difficult to secure a job have learn to cultivate the habit of self-reliance and and self- empowerment in order to sustain his/ herself and financially face the responsibilities; this scope has brought about the area of Entrepreneurship Skills.

The realistic aspect of Entrepreneurship is better to be discussed than to give a definition but the definition will be of good impact and it will form a background of understanding. According to the definition of Entrepreneurship as given by the Encyclopedia,"Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business".

On a larger sphere, people who create these businesses are called "Entrepreneurs" which describes Entrepreneurship as the capacity and willingness to develop, organise and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make a profit. The scope has positively improved the economic system in Nigeria as a case of discussion and Graduates who engage themselves in Entrepreneurship do enjoy reliable and undisturbed advantages,which are:

The act of self- independence is a very important aspect of Entrepreneurship and it makes Entrepreneurs to be confident and believe in themselves in running distinct aspects of their various businesses. Entrepreneurs won't have to rely heavily on anybody else or Government in Establishing a means of job. Self- independence in business helps Entrepreneurs to make quick decisions in business and business fundings since they do not rely on anybody. Entrepreneurs enjoy this since there is no one to sanction, to question business actions and no one to impose authority and the likes in business administrations.

2. Establishment of Job Opportunities
Most business Organizations start from a small position and as time goes on, with strong devotions, determinations and contributions, the business will begin to develop, this stage of development has shifted from small enterprises to a large enterprises and this stage requires new workers to be employed. On this note, the intuition of a man to be an Entrepreneur has created room and chance for others to work.

For instance, a one man business also known as a "sole proprietor" starts business at a particular period of time and as time goes on with vigorous contributions ,the business will develop and as it develops, new workers will be employed, this has created jobs for others and it also assists the country's economy positively.

3. Exposure to different Fields and Continuous Learning

The nature of Entrepreneurship exposes Entrepreneurs to different and complex areas of study during the process of running the Business. Entrepreneurs have to engage themselves in different fields of study because business demands such. In Entrepreneurship administration, there should be Accounting: it teaches how to calculate easily and prevent mismanagement of business funds, Marketing: it exposes Entrepreneurs to sales and purchasing affairs, Advertisement: it introduces Entrepreneurs to creation of awareness of available goods and services, public Speaking: a medium of persuading members of the public to patronise the business and the likes; when all these distinct Fields are adopted,the business will be successful.

For instance, a graduate of Law decides to establish a business individually, prior arrangements and planning before the establishment of the business necessitate him or her to widened the scope of knowledge into business related courses in order to carry out the business affairs effectively. He or She has to engage in the Study of courses like Accounting, Marketing, Advertisement, public Speaking.

Before any Entrepreneurship skills can be successful, it needs to borrow notions from other fields to develop. Recently, Entrepreneurs have found means of publicizing their Business via the Internet and online sales and purchases. Entrepreneurs make good use of this medium to enrich themselves in knowledge by borrowing from other fields of Study: Entrepreneurship requires these.

The Intuitions and Discretions of Entrepreneurs greatly help in the development of the business in the sense that the manner in which Entrepreneurs present the Entrepreneurs skills he or she owns, determine how successful the Business will be. Modern Entrepreneurs combine distinct forms: ICT medium ( modernized way of presenting business via the Internet), Business concepts like: (Accounting, Marketing, and the likes) and Personal Skills in the business organizations. Entrepreneurs adopt this forms in carrying out their Entrepreneurship business affairs successfully.

4.Absence of Retirement
In contrary to the traditions of Government jobs or any job based on appointment,where workers have a specific period of time is given to work and when the period clocks,workers have to leave the working system but it is not so in a self_ established business (Entrepreneurship) because the nature of Entrepreneurship is based on self_ intuition and this can last as long as desired.

The above explored advantages of Entrepreneurship are not the only ones but, they are the observable and realistic beauties of Entrepreneurship. Graduates should not heavily rely on anybody including the Government, but,t hey should rely on themselves and make good use of human Intuitions and Discretions in different areas of business; these have been bestowed on humans individually by God.

Great benefits await anybody who engages himself or herself in Entrepreneurship as it has been said by "Helen Keller" in one of his Quotes" character cannot be developed in ease and quiet; only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved". Entrepreneurship skills should be encouraged; it is a path to success.

Onawola Abdulqodri Adewale is an undergraduate student of English language at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Sokoto State, Nigeria. He can be reached via Gmail address: [email protected] or phone number: 09025324714.

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