Poem: As Kogites Await Tribunal's Judgment; What I see

Source: Akogwu Egene, Esq.
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Akogwu Egene, Esq

There will be a tremendous shock but that is not the end

Hold your peace, bear no arms. No protest.
We are brothers before we went to the polls
Kill no one. Fight none. Endure all.
It may be harsh; turning the set tables up side down

Several long dreams shortened
But, calm down, this is not the end!
It will not be like the first; jubilations will be higher

The unexpected will happen
But, then, do not be troubled. Be of good cheers.
Shed no blood when it happens. Weep not, for this is not the end.

And I asked the winds
Who shall carry the day in the end?
They showed me a Cock and a Lion, both in white robes!

Who shall carry the day, I asked again?
They said the young shall beat the old!
No. The weak shall win the strong.
But this victory will not last for this is not the end!

(Written by S.O. Akobe, a Lawyer, a Social Commentator and Poet)