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Remembering May 21st 1994

By Legborsi Esaen
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We remember Saturday May 21st 1994 when the lives of four of our prominent and respected leaders was cut short under very controversial circumstance, Chief Edward N. Kobani (Tonsime Gokana), Chief Albert T. Badey, Chief Samuel N. Orage and Chief Theophilus B. Orage.

Someday, the mystery surrounding your death will be unraveled and the Ogoni 9 (Ken Saro-Wiwa & 8 others) exonerated by the Nigerian Government.

It is a debt that will be paid no matter how long. Justice can only be delayed but can never be denied.

To the countless unsung heroes of the struggle we lost who were not prominent like my childhood friend Late Nwitorge Zua who was shot in the chest and died on the spot in Bori by Major Paul Okuntimo, you will always be remembered as well.

I still strongly believe that you all did not die in vain even though the struggle has been reduced to a meal ticket by criminals.

Legborsi Esaen is the former Public Relations Officer, Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP. Port Harcourt Rivers State