Covid-19: A War On Nigerian Medical Research Institutes

By Waliu Adeyeri 
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The US Government is fully aware of the WHO biases and corruption which have cost the world a huge loss over this 2019-nCov. Yet our Nigerian Government pays huge trust on the so-called organisation, it failed to recognise African Solution to the pandemic; Our Research Institutes were made worthless while NCDC is been enforced in lieu to report cases.

Attention of the Government is only on 'Continuous Cases Report', 'Stay Home Order', 'Hand Washing Order', 'Mask Up', 'Lockdown', 'Palliatives' etc. Despite, being aware that numerous contries are seeking ways to provide remedies/vaccines that would end the virus. Even the Madagascan Solution has not been approved because WHO disapprove or questions it efficacy. All of these and several others show that the Nation is not ready to emancipate itself from the shackles of slavery even when we have the resources at our disposal.

It is so evident why the nation experiences 'brain-drain' - emigration of native resourceful professionals to other parts of the world to efficiently utilise their talents and skills. Is it so difficult to empower our professionals under the auspices of the several medical research institutes they belong?

It would not be an overstatement to say that the nation does not believe in its health research professionals. The Government forgot or is unaware that the fight against COVID-19 is just like a war. We cannot win a war without strategic tactics. The fighters are the Frontline medical personnels attending to patients on the battlefield (isolation centres) while the strategic tacticians are the researchers whose researches are sophisticated tools to aid the Frontline fighters to conquer the virus.

Can we just apply this strategy? Rather than awaiting the White Man's Manna (vaccines).

Nigeria is a blessed country; not just blessed with natural endowment, it is blessed with human resources whose knowledge could bring an efficacious remedy to this malevolent malady. Our health research institutes are blessed with highly sophisticated knowledgeable professionals who are ready to combat COVID-19 with their skills and knowledge. Enforce them and they will deliver excellently!