Go to war with FG as prove you can stand as Niger Delta- BNYL fires IYC

By Biafra Nations Youth League - BNYL
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Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL have reacted to Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, warning to secessionists to exclude Ijaw from their territory. Responding to the statement made by Kennedy Olorogun, Deputy National Leader of BNYL and Director of Operations, BBS Media, Ebuta Takon Akor said that Biafra will be restored with or without the support of the Ijaw Youth Council, adding that the mentality of some Ijaw people are the cause of why the Federal Government planted seed of hatred, sentiment and tribalism during Biafra war.

Ebuta Takon Akor had on thursday hoisted Biafra flags around the Nigeria-Cameroon of Ikom, Cross River state declaring that the BNYL's grassroots activities and mobilization have positioned them as a multiethnic pro Biafra movement.

He rebuked IYC thus saying that Adaka Boro declared Ijawland Niger Delta Republic similar to Ogoni Republic declared by Kane Sarowiwa,

Akor, an Ejagham native of Cross River State said if the IYC feels the Ijaw can stand on their own they should go to total war with federal government.

"All these are just distractions, enemies are at work because we have lifted our flags in areas they never expected.

They are trembling and probably the next place will be their area.

My people of South south especially the Ijaws should not allow sentiment to takeover their minds and soul. Ijaw cannot stand on their own. There is no land in Ijaw region, they need the hinterland people, they need other foods than fish. Let us stop this unnecessary quarrels and support Biafra known all over the world, unless they are ready to go to war alone with Nigeria".