Building The Nation Of Our Dreams

By Emem Usen James
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When it comes to building the nation to a standard where other nations get envious, it shouldn't be the job of Government alone but a job for all. It takes commitment, dedication and honesty to build a nation.

Building a nation doesn't mean we all have to carry blocks , cements and other building equipments; building a nation means doing what is right at the right time. In our present day, we have nation destroyers and not builders. Our nation was built on corruption and for ages, nobody has taken the bold step to transform the nation into a nation of our dreams.

When we decide to build our nation and not play politics or sentiments irrespective of our political parties and differences, then Nigeria will be in a good shape and our lost glory will return back. Our religious leaders also have a large role to play in building our nation, until we realize that we are one in the sight of God /Allah, it is then that we can move forward. This reformation also centers on both the private and public organization. Our boss(es) can help in building the nation when they stop demanding sex from unemployed youths before employment. Our lecturers in the Educational sector can also help in building the nation when they stop collecting bribes to give admission or denying admissions to those who merit it and also sleeping with their female students and extorting money from the male students. This chain revolves around business men and women, they can be nation builders if they stop selling expired drugs or inflating prices of their products and services. The health sector has a major role to play in building the nation, by saving lives irrespective of their status, ethnicity etc. If all these are put in place, Nigeria will be a place where one can relax without any fear.

Emem Usen James writes for She lives in Lagos, you can reach her via [email protected]