INEC and The Ghost of 2023.

By Goodnews Agbi PhD, Fnse 
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The Coroner Virus will definitely pass away. It will not consume Nigeria. Nigeria will Survive. However, we are glossing over a very important agency of Govement that is the fulcrum of our very existence as country beyond the present semantics. We have all been engaged with the contemporary issues of Corona Virus as if we shall all die of the virus. Coroner Virus is a problem, yes, but we have a bigger problem ahead of us, 2023.

Nigeria is still an admixture of fragile indissoluble ethnic components, jostling for recognitions, and not yet a compact, indistinguishable and inseparable country with a common identity. We must therefore be cognizant of our fragility as we approach 2023 Presidency. This Agency of Government is the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. In a quotation from the book, HONESTY IS A FAILURE, it is stated:

"Corruption in INEC is worse than that of the police. INEC has the power to bring in corrupt Politicians to power to supervise continued corruption in the Country for every four years. No youth can aspire to political office without bringing his hard earned money to bribe INEC’

We cannot as a country leave our destiny and those of our teaming youths and the unborn children in the hands of INEC as it is presently constituted. No sincere, honest or new aspiring Youth politician can be elected into any electoral office under INEC’s watch. We must reorganize INEC and move its generic operations from its present state to digital and electronic methods of voting, and collations of results. This is what is practiced all over the World, including other countries in Africa.

We cannot put old men, old women and pregnant women in the queue from morning till the evening, with no food, exposed to rain or unrelenting sunshine and heat. After exercising their patrotic franchise under hostile elements, the election results are changed. It is immoral to continue with such electoral process.

Now that the National Assembly don’t have much to do now except to set up Committees to probe ‘Corruption this and Corruption that’, most of which have not yielded anything beneficial to the Citizens. They should start the process of enacting a law that will change this corruption prone methods of Electoral process to what is obtainable in saner climes.

The law should compel service providers to provide network in all pulling units in the country. They can achieve that before 2023, if they start now. The Covid-19 lock down should provide them ample time to start the process. We should not wait till 2022 to start on any Electoral reform.

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