Yobe State Confirms 471 Mystery Deaths, As Undertakers Say Figure Tops 600

By The Nigeria Voice
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The Yobe State Government has put the number of mystery deaths in the state as at May 11, 2020 at 471, not stating the period from when the counting began and the towns covered.

The Yobe State COVID-19 Rapid Response Team stated this on Tuesday.

However, undertakers across the major towns in the state, who gave the hint on Wednesday morning, said the figures was well above 600 for the major towns of Damaturu, Potiskum, Nguru and Gashua.

The grave diggers said the Yobe State COVID-19 Rapid Response Team has largely limited its activities to the state capital, Damaturu.

In its report, the Yobe State COVID-19 Rapid Response Team said general death recorded across the state as at May 11, 2020 was 471.

It said 57 per cent of the death had underlying chronic illness, a trend it reported shows increase in mortality. It added in the numbered report: “Geospatial maps shows no clustering of mortality.

“96% had no travel history outside the state. “Approx 90% had no multiple symptoms consistent with case definitions of covid-19.

“50 account for 57% of mortality. “Male account for 58.5% of mortality. “16 of 471 deceased relatives revealed someone with similar symptoms.

“All 16 were investigated are referred to facility. “3 of 16 met case definition for COVID-19. “All 3 from Potiskum and sample being collected. “Contacts on self isolation while result is being awaited.