Huriwa Condemns The Kajuru Massacres:

Asks The Igp To Resign Forthwith:

By Human Rights Writers Association Of Nigeria (HURIWA)

The Prominent Civil Rights Advocacy group-: HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has bemoaned the incessant attacks by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen targeting largely Christian communities in Southern Kaduna State just as the Rights group said the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu whose primary duty is to prevent these sorts of wanton killings by armed Fulani herdsmen must resign forthwith or be sacked.

The Human Right Writers Association of Nigeria has once again called on the Federal and Kaduna State government to arrest and prosecute and punish heavily the killer herdsmen launching terrorist attacks on Communities in Southern Kaduna and other part of the country.

In a statement signed by it's National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and it's National Media Affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf, the Human Right crusaders condemned the latest attack which took place in the farming community of Gonar Rogo in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna state where 17 persons were hacked to death by the marauding herdsmen.

HURIWA recalled that most of the victims of the terror attack which occured at the early hours of today are women and children who were hacked to death in their sleep.

It will be recalled that news of the latest attack filtered through the media at the early hours of today where the farming Community of Gonar Rogo was reported to have been attacked at about 12am this morning being 12th May 2020 by heavily armed herdsmen.

The Prominent Civil Rights Advocacy group is disturbed because there is said to be a military check point not far away from the attacked Community yet the killer herdsmen had enough time to carry out their dastardly act with no resistance from the security. HURIWA calls on the Federal and Kaduna state government to stop these wanton killings by the herdsmen or risk having the country destroyed by their activities.

The Right group believes that the lackadaisical attitude and lukewarmness with which the government handles the incessant killings carried out by terrorist herdsmen has further emboldens them to continue their trade of spilling blood across the country.

Gonar Rogo attack is one of many that has befallen Southern Kaduna in recent times where dozens of persons have been killed with no one being prosecuted for such crimes against humanity.

HURIWA also calls on the government at both state and federal level to as a matter of urgency send relief materials to the survivors of the latest terror attack in Gonar Rogo and also beef up security in the local government to forestall future attacks.

The group is worried that if nothing is done to stop these unprovoked attacks, the local government, Kaduna state and the country at large may be thrown into a state of anarchy as the victims may be left with no option than to take laws into their hands.