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Born in 1984, Okechukwu is 26. He hails from Ogwu Obollo-Eke in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State. He was born with a hole in the heart 26 years ago. The young Okechukwu is destined to live because a hole in the heart is not a disease that one lives with for that long and not give in.

He has beautiful dreams like his peers. His dream in life is to become an engineer. He has finished secondary school since 2005 but has not been able to concentrate on any thing because of the terminal disease, which is now threatening his life.

He was first diagnosed of the disease in 1999 but he was able to manage it until around September 2008, when the sickness became so serious that he was taken to a private hospital in Lokoja, Kogi State. The private hospital referred him to the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital. It was at the Teaching Hospital that proper medical tests ranging from eco cardiography, ultrasound and x-ray were carried out on him. After the tests, the earlier diagnosis in 1999 of a hole in the heart was confirmed and he was referred to an Indian hospital where the heart operation could take place.

Efforts to raise N3m
Since Okechukwu and his relations were told that the operation could only take place in India and that it would cost N3m, Okechukwu, his parents consigned his fate to God because there was no way his family could raised such money.

According to him, 'This sickness has really dealt with me. I can't walk for 10 metres without palpitating like somebody who has just finished a long race. I have even prayed for death to come but I'm still alive. I have asked God to take my life but God has refused. What kind of life am I living? I'm living a life which I expect death any day. Let it come at once so that this pain will end once and for all.'

His elder brother who lives in Lokoja has done all he could and is equally appealing to good spirited Nigerians and corporate bodies to save the young man's live as the money involved is far beyond his means . He is only a petty trader who is still struggling to survive.

Okechkwu's aged parents can hardly feed themselves let alone raising a whooping N3m. He wants to live but that is dependent on the magnanimity of Nigerians.

Present health condition
Right now, his legs, stomach, hands, cheeks and nearly every part of his body is swollen. He hardly leaves the house. He stays indoors all the time. Only last week, he relapsed into coma and his immediate elder brother took him to a traditional home where he received traditional medical attention. He pants and breathes hard even when he did not take any walk. He hardly walks a distance of 10 metres without panting like somebody who has just finished a marathon race.

Save my soul
His condition is critical and pitiable . He needs the benevolence of Nigerians to live. He is calling on all Nigerians, corporate bodies, government agencies, charity organizations and good spirited individuals to save his life by contributing whatever amount of money they can muster.

All monetary donations should be deposited in:
Account name: Okechukwu Odo
Account number: 3843010075086
Account type: Savings
Bank: First Bank, Ikem Branch, Enugu State