Nations On The Run

By Adeola Ikuomola
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Nations on the run
And kingdoms in hiding
Tongues tossed to and fro
Birth-pang weighs on the world

Streets are crying
And soles are wailing
The bleeding market places
Hunger for fresh silver and gold

Orphans and widows
Broken for lamentations
No pleasantries are heading
To the monumental land mowers

How barren are ribs
How lonely is the orchard
The temples bury their lights
No roadmap shows the narrow way

Lockdown at dawn
Breaching the sunshine
Crushed butterflies and allies
Ruining their beautiful flowerbeds

Black thunderclouds
Annexing the mountains
Erupted as furious volcanoes
At those toying with temperament

Heavy rain descended
Drowning broken sunlight
In the current affairs of the sea
From the fringe to the centre of war