Leadership Deficiency In Nigeria

Source: Emem Usen, Lagos. & Ubong Usoro, Calabar.
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Nigeria, a country richly endowed with human and natural resources that is essential for human development is yet to find it's rightful place among the comity of nations.

The country prides itself as the giant of Africa, which to a great extend it is true, in terms of human resources which is the most valuable of all resources, the country is blessed with abundance of such, the country possess the highest number of Billionaires and Millionaires in the continent, the largest markets, the most educated and learned people of the black race, but away from all these positives, the country continues to wallow in poverty, corruption, pain and confusion.

The major reason for our stagnation is the leadership crisis and corruption since independence, the Nigerian government is abounding clueless, greedy yet selfish leaders.

The extent of the development and success of every nation is determined by the quality and selfless nature of it's leaders.

It was Plato who said that 'A city is what it is, because of who the citizens are'.

However, when there is a culture of impunity in any society and there is a wide spread of leadership deficiency then the country remains stagnant and underdevelop. This does not imply that Nigeria lacks quality and competent human resources to engender development but the process of dethroning our corrupt leaders does not open the door for competent, moral and visionary servant leadership to emerge.

Upon observations and clear study of our nation, I have to come to realize that my dear county- Nigeria is made mostly of impotent leaders. Come to think of it, since we attained political freedom from the colonial masters, Nigerians have struggled to have Leaders who put citizens first before putting his own needs into consideration thereby ensuring that the masses are satisfied.

Ineffective leadership and corruption has eaten deep into Nigeria's democratic and economic development.The pandemic in leadership today has raised more alarms, as leaders tends to play nepotism, favouritism and ethnicity with the economy of the country. The Civil service is a clear example of bad governance. In the civil service, our leaders only put those they want and know even if the person has no idea about the said position. The civil service administration is not the only place where nepotism, favouritism and ethnicity comes in; it is everywhere even in the private organization. Then tell me, if my dear country will ever outgrow from corruption and other mischievous deeds.

In order for this great country to grow and be like other top countries like Germany, USA, China etc. We must first deal with our greediness without this, then I am afraid to say that our dear country might sink like the tatanic.

Emem Usen, stays in Lagos, She can be reached via [email protected] . : Ubong Usoro stays in Uyo, He writes for theNigerianVoice.com [email protected]

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