Unbelievable: Man and Wife Shoot Music Video using Just aSmart Phone During COVID19 Lockdown

By BizzyBody NG
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You won't believe this video was shot (100%) on a mobile phone!

Seun Ayeni GGG has once again shown why that last G, which stands for Genius, was added to his stage name

He was able to take advantage of the COVID19 lockdown situation to direct the music video and got his lovely wife (Debbie Dee) to handle the camera and give him the shots.

According to him, it took his 2-man crew (him and his wife) one day to complete the shoot at home, and one day to complete the edit.

We are excited to show you this home-made music video titled Roll In, full of energy and good vibes. See Link to video:

Roll In is one of the songs from Seun Ayeni's recently released album titled Gorgeous Worship (Free download link: bit.ly/gorgeousworship )

Now, get a good headphone or those nice speakers and enjoy this one, while you follow him on Twitter or Instagram (@theseunayeni) or YouTube ( bit.ly/youtube-theseunayeni ) for more

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6)