Forced Vaccination Bill: Illuminati Hijacks Nigeria’s Parliament, Covid-19 Team

Source: Rev. Obinna Akukwe Director General
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The forced vaccination bill which scaled speedily through second reading last week is enough evidence that the Illuminati have hijacked the Nigeria parliament and the Covid 19 Disease Control Team.

The bill named Control of Infectious Diseases Bill 2020 grants more administrative powers for forceful vaccinations to limitations on Freedom of association to the DG of Nigerian Centre for Disease Control NCDC.

Nigerians have woken from sleep but the truth is that Illuminati, like Boko Haram, had penetrated the highest echelons of governance and are set to test what failed in United State and Europe on some ‘Nigerian monkeys whose penchant for corrupt bananas is fantastic’.

Since the Covid-10 became pandemic, I have explained through various writings that there is a plot for a One World Order and that only the ‘Just shall Live by His Faith’. The cookies are crumbling . This will probably be the last I will piece on this issue until God drives away the pandemic from Nigeria.

For sure, I have seen in the spirit realm that Nigeria returned to normal life in not too distant time and many people mingled freely all over the nation without face masks.

The Illuminati plot to control the world using the Illuminati was explained in the piece ‘Coronavirus: Chinese and Illuminati Deadly Blow’, I explained in paragraph 1 and 2 that

“Covid-19 is a Chinese Virus deliberately let upon the world which the the Illuminati wants to use as a deadly blow to execute their one world government agenda. The problem is that the level of fear the Illuminati leadership wanted to strike through the rampant death has backfired.

“Two things are responsible for the backfire.First is that the news of Chinese complicity in the leakage of the virus came out early. Secondly, the owner of Microsoft,Bill gates was quick to advertise his vaccine as a probable solution to the pandemic. Two quick moves which I attribute to the Hand of God, blew the cover on Illuminati’s grand plan to cage the world”.

I opposed the indiscriminate closure of churches in the name of lock-down positing in the piece titled ‘Coronavirus; Church Leaders abandons God, Suspends Mases, Deliverances and Anointings’ in paragraphs 19 and 20 that

“I want to tell these men whose faith had left them, that the Nigerian government of Buhari cannot contain coronavirus if it spreads. Where is the electricity for social exclusion? Where is the housing for social exclusion? Where is the serene environment for social exclusion? Where are the personnel, some isolation centers are death traps. A woman died in Enugu because the isolation center resembles Sambisa Forest.

“I want to warn people, only God can save Nigeria from Corona Virus. The infrastructure deficit in Nigeria is breeding ground for spread of Corona Virus. The church leaders who should call upon God are themselves abdicating at this point. Calling upon God from position of fear is handing victory to the devil before the battle starts”

This attempt to force us into vaccination was earlier tried during the Obama era and I warned in a 2103 article titled ‘Obama’s Health Chips and the Mark of the Beast (666)’ in paragraphs 11 and 14, I pointed out that

"Some theologians have labelled Obama as the Anti- Christ. I may not agree with them, however, I believe that anybody who is not spirit filled could be used to fulfill satanic agenda unknowingly. It is known that even church leaders who refused to follow the leading of the Spirit of God could become tools in the hands of the devil and they may not be aware of it. Politicians and business men have been used by the devil to bring poverty, sorrows, wars and death to their subjects due to irrational actions manipulated from the kingdom of darkness.

"Therefore,whether for health purposes, social security, physical security, commerce etc all well meaning citizens of every nation must resist the implantation of chips technology in the human body. Christians, Muslims, Pagans, Traditionalists and whatever shade of belief notwithstanding, everybody should resist this attempt because it will be used by satanic forces in the future to manipulate the freedom of the mind".

Today, what I warned about in 2013 is coming to pass in Nigeria in 2020. Nigeria’s Center for Disease Control NCDC wants to legislate a forceful vaccination of all of us to help fulfill a One World Order and have hijacked the leadership of the Nigerian lower parliament.

Africa is expected to die in millions from the pandemics as warned by WHO. I have deduced Five things from all these;

(1) The forced lock-down is to enable as many people as possible to get the virus in their slums with no pipe borne water, spacing and facilities until millions starts dropping on the streets of Lagos, Ogun and Kano.

(2) The inhabitants of Lagos, Ogun and Abuja put their 'faith in God' as they cried out in lock-downs.

(3) The inhabitants of Kano probably ignored the grim reality everything and put their trust in nothing

(4) What was intended by the dark powers to happen in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja , unexpectedly manifested in Kano.

(5) Katsina State was obviously prepared for it . Their index cases are few and more palliatives is being spread there to ensure the dark powers to not get the frown of the President.

Some governors have decoded the agenda an have refused to tag along including Kogi, Akwaibom and Rivers.

It is the Miracle of God that Mushin, Oshodi, Agege, Ajegunle, Amukoko, Shomolu and other slums of Lagos didn't erupt in epidemics.

It is the Miracle of God that Nyanya, Mararaba, Masaka, Piwoi, Gosa,Kubwa Village, Dei Dei and Apo villages among other Abuja slums did not erupt in epidemics

The plans have not manifested as planned, then the forced bill to ensure a plan B

There are two types of forced vaccinations
(1) The vaccine that cures an ailment and introduces another one manifest-able in the future.

(2) The one that has a Chip implant, that will be used to control the chipped victims as zombies through digital applications.

Since Nigerians have refused to die, necessitating the demand for the devil's vaccine, the next plot is to

(1) Trigger an epidemic by deliberately sending index cases to vulnerable places.

(2) Declare a National Pandemic to curb the rampant death

(3) Force people through legislation to be vaccinated.

Ha! Ha! Ho! A Nigerian Presidential hopeful of Igbo extraction and former governor recently found himself in Kuje Prison , convicted for fraud. On his way to incarceration he said " 2023, here we come " and accused fellow party chieftain of teleguiding his ordeals.

I want to say to Nigerians, Illuminati Here they Come!

What was rejected in Europe and America is about to be tested in Nigeria.

Illuminati Here they Come! - all the prosperity preachers and jet preachers will soon be asked to surrender their members for vaccination or be thrown out of spiritual business.

Illuminati Here they Come!- Soon who governs Nigeria will not be determined by the APC or PDP, ACF, Ohanaeze, Afenifere, rather the Skulls and Bones Society and associated Colleges will determine who governs Nigeria.

Illuminati Here they Come!- all the years corruption, ineptitude which led to the wastage of successive years of oil windfalls , especially when oil sold for between $100-$140 dollars will haunt us -No Electricity, No Healthcare, No Social Security

However, five weeks ago, I saw a vision where people moved about freely in Nigeria with face masks, and last week, I saw another vision where people moved about without face mask. This means that Nigeria will miraculously overcome the Corona virus challenges.

Welcome to the Illuminati College Party with members in Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, House of Representatives, Federal Executive Council

Welcome to the Illuminati College Party (ICP) effectively discouraging the development of local remedies for cure of coronavirus.

Welcome to the Illuminati College Party (ICP) which ensured an ineffective lock-down aimed at spreading the virus in the slums.

Welcome to the Illuminati College Party (ICP) having running battles and rejections of vaccines and strategies in US, Germany, Spain, Italy and England,even in Ghana and South Africa but gaining momentum in the places of power and decisions in Nigeria.

Illuminati Here They Come !-but I put my trust in the vision I saw from heaven where Nigeria returned to normal life . I did not see the much expected death in that vision.

However, let our spiritual leaders stop talking nonsense, Illuminati College meant business. Illuminati have hijacked the Nigeria's parliament and Covid-19 team and if our spiritual leaders fail to sit up and discern the signs of the times properly, they will be rattled the manner the Illuminati rattled Vatican and Canterbury.

(Obinna Akukwe , Columnist via [email protected],