Covid-19 Pandemic And The Conscienceless World

By Solomon Akobe

They made a disease to kill the world and perish mankind

And they left open, our borders and entries to embrace it

And now, people are dying like chickens
Less honourable in deaths than poisonous insects
Black Nations, oh Black Africans!
Nigeria, Oh Nigerians!
Why have you lost your consciences
You welcomed their disease into your territory
And now you trade on it at the expense of your fellow citizens' lives

Billions upon Billions of hard currencies are what we hear -

Flying from all corners of the world and from within

Yet, your people die in starvations and untold hardships?

You ordered them to stay indoors, and they obeyed your command

But before your order came to an end, they denied them their jobs

They robbed them of their means of livelihood and survival

Yet, you expect them to have smiles in their distressed faces

You bear the name "ACCESS" but there is no access in you!

Tears, hunger, hypertension, untimely deaths - all these are what you have now caused to many

Yet, you donated billions of mortal papers called money to a conscienceless Regime

Only to turn around and cultivate famine in our land!

Were you hypnotized to donate what you donated?
Oh, you just wanted to make news headlines like others?

Or, may be to win their hearts for future contracts or considerations?

Or better still, to register your top men in their good books and shield them from the venoms and terrors of their biased anti-graft wild dogs seeking the opposition to devour!

Whatever was your inducement or reason, you have failed

Because you paid Paul (FG) whom you didn't owe only to rob Peter (Your sacked Staff) afterwards

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is bad, but paying Paul (whom you didn't owe) to rob Peter is even more condemnable!

You call yourself a Governor
And with billions of naira under your control
You still want to cut workers' salaries and even sack some

Just because no one can question your decision
Where is your conscience?
Have you paused to ask yourself:
Where is Sani Abacha, Adolf Hitler, and Idi Amin?
Where is Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and many others in their stead?

If these ones are far away in your memory, then ask yourself:

Where is Abba Kyari?
All these are now feeds in the dust, eaten only by termites!

One day, you will join them too; it is just a matter of time!

You call yourself the President, and you and your handlers claim that you have distributed money to the poor running into billions of naira

Yet, no one known to the people has received such money!

Where are your consciences?
Do you think you will live forever? By no means.
Grave calling, and there, recompense awaits!
You are a business man or woman and you unjustly increase the prices of commodities because no one can do anything to you

Your daily wish and prayer is that the pandemic continues so that your trade can blossom and flourish -

Woe unto you for you have no conscience!
How long will you live in this world before you return to dust?

At certain age, you will be praying for death, and the pleasures and treasures of this world will elude you

Your earthly wealth and treasures will be enjoyed by others who never worked for them, and most likely, by fools who will squander them

Continue to gather your unjust harvests, the devourers are coming!

You claim to be a Pastor or "Man of God", and even in the heat of this global pandemic, you still extort money from your members - you have no conscience!

You tell them that they are robbing God if the money doesn't get to your coffers whereas you are the real, certified robber - woe to you for you will certainly perish with your falsehood and heresy!

You call yourself an employer and you hide under the guise of the pandemic and sacked your employees.

But, don't forget:
The tears of the poor and the oppressed go straight to their Maker

There will be a day that your case will be called yonder

And no lawyer will be there to defend you!
(S.O. Akobe, a Legal Practitioner, Social Commentator and Poet)