Ebonyi produces electric tricycle to reduce Co2 emission.

By Mbam Ogodo, Abakaliki

In her bid to create employment and ease transportation through the production of electric tricycle, Ebonyi state government said the use of electric device as means of transport will also reduces Co2 emissions

The Special Assistant to Governor of Ebonyi state on Climate Change Dr. Mrs Obianuju Alo said that use of electric device as means of transportation will reduces the amount of Co2 emissions in the air and is powered by electricity.

She stated this in Abakaliki while answering questions from journalists on the choice of the Ebonyi state government to introduced electric tricycle in their transport system.

She noted that the introduction will help in the eco system because carbon dioxide emissions impact human health by displacing oxygen in the atmosphere adding that such impact makes breathing more difficult and can lead to health complaints such as headaches.

According to her "Carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere by human activities when hydrocarbon fuels such as wood, coal, natural gas, gasoline, and oil are burned, carbon dioxide is released which is not good to health.

Her words "Ebonyi state has made a landmark achievement in combating climate change by introducing electric tricycle in their transportation system

"This relatively new method of transportation is globally recognized as an eco-friendly alternative to motorized tricycles popularly known as Keke as it reduces the amount of Co2 emissions in the air".

"It is powered by electricity. This would lead to a cleaner air and have a direct and positive impact on residents who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions".

"These electric tricycles are durable and comfortable and also charging points have been created at strategic locations and maintenance workshops is also opened to enable ensure smooth operation.