Reflections With Ubong Usoro: One Nigeria: Possibility Or Myth

By Ubong Usoro
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Some statements in Nigeria have over time become very annoying and frustrating to the average Nigerian on the streets. Although, these statements are sent out from the highest levels of governance, the cetizenry do not resonate with such assertions. The fluctuate from believing the statements are blatant lies, to believing that government are not serious with implementation, to thinking we can never reach such a state of sophistication, as a nation.

Some of these statements include;
i. Police is your friend
ii. Bail is free
iii. One Nigeria
iv. Children are Leaders of tommorow
v. Education is the best gift to give to a child.
Since Nigeria became a British protectorate in 1901, to gaining independence in 1960, becoming a republic in 1963, much have been left desired.

The country is fragmented along lines of ethnicity, tribalism, religion, socioeconomic status, politics, gender, job description. This process are seen manifesting daily in our interactions with the populace. The is a general mistrust in the country. Many countrymen and women, tend to believe that 'man no man' is the surest way to making it big in our country.

So many make frantic efforts to connive with their cronies to smuggle their way into having test of the National Goodies.

Merit is seen as a foul word, even by those in the highest echelons of governance. Mediocrity can be observed even with a hand-lens at many government and private owned establishments. The three major ethnic groups seem to be more self serving than patriotic, we constantly hear of indigens of one community being slaughtered in cold blood in the places the stay to do business, at the slightest provocation, even in peace time. Bigotry tend to supercede our love for nationhood. The founding fathers of our nation believed in one indivisible, strong, prosperous and great country. The mandate was simple, 'ONE NIGERIA' a place where all citizens could travel, do business, marry, and represent any part of the country without fear or bias. The current political system, do not seem to support this thoughts.

We need a high degree of reorientation, to grow discipline and love for nationhood in us. Patriotism should be taught on the streets to help eradicate this negative trend and put us in the main of good success. Building trust and confidence in our institutions would be of immersed help, this will help us build 'ONE NIGERIA', sooner than later, else we may be sitting on a dynamite.

Ubong Usoro writes for He lives in Uyo .... [email protected]