April 29:   The Power Behind Prayer

By Bassey Ekong

It is vital to understand the power behind prayer. We need to understand three areas of power: God’s Word and Spirit, the Christian life and fasting and the name of Jesus. These are the themes all Christians should explore, beginning with the power of God’s Word. To understand the power of the Word, we first need to understand the heart of prayer. The heart of prayer is asking God to intervene in the world to fulfill His eternal purposes for mankind.

We are to pray to God on the basis of His Word – the revelation of His identity, His will, and His promises. God gave man (all of us) dominion over the earth, but this doesn’t mean we should do anything we want over our lives or the resources of the world (His physical wealth).

Outside of God’s will, man and the universe would not function properly because they were designed to function according to God’s purpose. Just as an inventor knows how he designed his product to function; our Creator knows how we function best and has provided this knowledge in His Word. Therefore, the key to effective prayer is understanding God’s purpose for your life as human being in general and as an individual specifically. In this way, God’s will can become the authority of your prayers.

True prayer calls forth what God has already purposed and predestined – the establishment of His plans for the earth. Whatever we ask God to do in our lives, in the lives of others or in the world must be based on His will. God’s purpose should be the motivation for and the subject of our prayers. Therefore, we always have to marry our requests with God’s will. End it like Jesus, “Thy will be done.” Amen. Note: God’s purpose is the raw material for prayer.

Let’s pray: Father, please help me to see Your plan for my life. I want to have an active part in Your purpose on this earth. Lord, teach me to always pray according to Your will, In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s reading: 1 Kings 6-7; Luke 20:27-47

God's Will is the Authority of Your Prayer.