Nigeria, Declare Bankruptcy and Restructure

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE
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I have had cause in the past to publicly advise or castigate the Independent Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) movement, as the case may warrant.

I will unquestionably do so again in the future if the need arises.

I do not belong to IPOB, but I understand and share some of their frustrations with Nigeria even though our goals and methodologies for redress currently differ.

I will defend their rights to self-expression in a peaceful, legal manner as I will for all oppressed peoples regardless of ethnicity, race or gender.

I don't do tribe. I recognize all human beings as children of one Creator, Jah Jesus Christus.

However, I wish to place it on record that I support IPOB'S stance against more international loans for Nigeria 100%.

Nigeria as presently constituted and administered is bankrupt.

It has been further run into the ground by the present Administration with its demonstrable incompetence.

What Nigeria needs at this time is root, stem and branch restructuring in all spheres, i.e. geopolitical, economic, social, fiscal, academic, industrial etc. to engender internal competitiveness and unlock the creative potentials of Nigerians.

Until this is done, more loans for Nigeria is akin to pouring water into a basket.

It will merely seep into the pockets of chronic looters already circling about like vultures.

Any international entity that loans a dime to Nigeria as presently administered is an enemy of the Nigerian peoples and should seek loan repayment from the actual beneficiaries of their loans.

They should not seek repayment from the generality of Nigerians in whose names the loans will be fraudulently taken.

International donors, particularly China, the IMF, the World Bank, ADB etc. be advised.

Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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