April 27:   Putting Prayer into Practice

By Bassey Ekong

Ask yourself some tough questions: How much time do I spend per day absorbing God’s Word compared to taking others' viewpoints from television, movies, books, magazines and the Internet? Which of these influences me most, God’s Word or what others say? If faith is belief in action, what do my actions say about what I believe? What negative ideas have I allowed to permeate my life?

Take steps today to change your way of thinking to God’s way. First, list any negative thoughts you think or hear during the day. In the evening, review and counteract them with truths found in God’s Word. Start developing the “God-kind of faith” by applying God’s Word to a specific situation in your life. State your findings, pray about situations, and hold fast to the Word whenever you are tempted to doubt. Spend less time with negative people and more time with those who read and live out the word.

If your spouse and children are negative, live in a way that expresses your own faith and speak the Word of God to them as you have the opportunity. Remember, if you’re a man, you’re the priest and the anointed prophet in your home. If your family challenges you, don’t be mad but pray for them. Keep praying until something happens. Don’t give up; if you’re praying, I assure you; something will happen and your God shall be glorified. If you’re a woman, you’re supposed to be the Mary, a Ruth and an Esther in your home (see Prov. 14:1; Prov.12:4). Don’t stop praying for your family. Keep praying until something happens and your God is glorified by your faith.

Finally, I challenge you to spend, at least as much time in the Word of God this week as you do watching television or on the internet or gossiping about many “unimportant” things about you and around you. Then watch the power and presence of God change your life! The Lord says, "Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the heathen; I will be exalted in the earth" (Psalm 46:10). Let your faith exalt the Lord; He will not fail you. Let your actions not fail God. He knows your situation. Exalt Him as His beloved child; he will never let you down. Note: Your actions depend on what is in your heart. What you say comes from what you believe in your heart. What you think comes from what you hear, watch, read, meditate on, believe, and store in your heart. They all form your character and personality. Ask yourself this question today. What do my actions say about what I believe?

Let’s pray: Heavenly Father, the Bible says that the word of faith is near me, that it is in my mouth and in my heart. I pray that I will place my trust in you and Your Word rather than in the words all around me that are contrary to Your truth. Forgive me for spending more time dwelling on my own, ideas, scenarios, analyses, and schemes than on taking Your Word into my heart and living by it. Open the truths of Your Word to me and let me rely on You alone. I pray this in the name of Jesus, who is the living Word. Amen.

Today’s reading: 1 Kings 1-2; Luke 19:28-48

The Richer You're in the Word the Better You Can Pray.