Anambra PDP is worse than Coronavirus

By Ekene Okoye
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‘’These are indeed times that try men’s faith” and many whom we hitherto thought could be counted on are fast unraveling as mere pretenders and political opportunists. The precarious nature of the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic dictated that every self-respecting person and organizations should avoid petty politics and help heal the wounds and hunger in the land occasioned by the novel virus. But the hemorrhaging Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and her leadership in Anambra, a party which supervised the years of despoilation of the state before the advent of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) still cannot see beyond their noses.

Isn’t it amazing that true to character, the PDP in Anambra has once again failed to join hands and promote the community spirit and non-partisan clarion call by the Governor of Anambra State to support Anambra State Covid-19 Appeal Fund? First, they shamelessly tried to politicize the incidence and management of the coronavirus index case, but were largely ignored. Again, they are prancing about like rabid sniffer dog high on fraudulently procured tramadol that can only smell fraud in a community fundraiser initiated by the state government and supported by many illustrious sons and daughters of Anambra which many chieftains of PDP have not donated to. How could any sane person input fraudulent intent and conclusions to such an open and transparent initiative like the Covid-19 Fund if not to cover their failure at being part of the State’s success story in time of crisis?

Ndi Anambra are all witnesses to the daily update of contributions to the Fund which is in the public domain and the oft restated assurances that proper accounts will be published and that aside Covid-19 needs, any outstanding will be ploughed into the state healthcare needs. The question then is who cursed the PDP, especially in Anambra? Even as their chief patron, former Governor, Chief Peter Obi continued with his hide and seek game, who deceived the party’s factional Chairman, Chief Ndubuisi Nwobu, a beneficiary of the pre–Covid-19 thriving Anambra business and hospitality environment to expose his ignorance by attacking the widely acknowledged successful Anambra State Government initiatives on Coronavirus by alleging non-existent fraudulent management of a fund they know next to nothing about. There is yet no justifiable reason to query the government efforts with regard to its handling of the Coronavirus pandemic except for mere rabble rousing. So let’s allow PDP chieftains like former Governor Obi, his governorship protégé, OHO, and factional Chairman, Chief Nwobu a moment to shirk the Coronavirus induced boredom.

It is indeed a pity that at a time like this we are confronted by a debilitating pandemic that has created victims of hunger and mass death, they are busy politicking. Who dares disagree that the PDP is not worse than Coronavirus?

Okoye writes from Nawfia ([email protected])

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