Kyari's Death And Interment;  How To Die In Nigeria

By Waliu Adeyeri 

First thing first, before we proceed in our discussion, it is pertinent to honour the dead. Besides, this is not just an ordinary person's death an honorific icon's. I would implore my humble reader to kindly observe a minute silence in honour of Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff of the Federation.


May Allah (S.W.T.) cleanse his soul and grant him Aljanat Firdaus. Also, I wish the Grand Commander of the Federation, President Muhammad Buhari, the family and friends of the deceased the strength to bear this huge loss. Indeed, death is a necessity in life. It consumes its victims irrespective of age, sex, influence, religious dogmatism, and social rank. When our turn reaches may we find solace in death and happily live in the hereafter (if you believe in its existence).

Back to the subject of this commentary; since the world never pauses to sympathise the loss of one of its tenants. 'We move on!'

Activities have continued as we can see in the plethora of criticisms that have been directed in reaction for or against the last rite of the iconic figure. Some comment on the simplicity of the last rite and drew out the lessons. Some comment on the procession as against the NCDC and the Federal Government's health directives.

To the later views, this piece can be regarded a rejoinder. This is Africa! Maybe we need to reiterate, the joy of every old man is to have his last rite in accordance to his religious beliefs, nothing should be deducted (even if it is against the health directives) nor added. Else, the dead will forever be angry at you. We know the implication of that, 'tragedy' in the African perception.

If other persons who have lost their lives to this pandemic in this country did not have such a special treatment, did we need to react to this? This is Nigeria!

Had Uncle Elnathan John not described for us the ways to die in Nigeria? His manual titled "How to be A Nigerian - A Guide" contains the ways to die a sweet and memorable death in this place called Nigeria.

Do we remember, George Orwell's words; "some animals are more equal than another", such is the case of the death of Abba Kyari. He is the Chief of Staff of the Federation for crying out loud. The precautionary law must be broken in honour of his personality. Do we need to be told that. The outcome is nothing to worry about as far as the cameras acknowledge the presence of the influential personalities.

In extension, many will be surprised the moment news headlines begins to read "Kyari and 12 others dead over Coronavirus", death toll clings 13 at the demise of Abba Kyari", or worse still, when NCDC report shows: "Death: Abba Kyari and 12 others". Will our reactions turn outcry?

Truth be told, Kyari's death is just the best way to die here in Nigeria. To invoke Benjamin Franklin's saying "If you don't want to die forgotten and rotten, do things worth writing or write things worth reading". Contextually, if you do not want to die unnoticed; make a name. Then the laws of the land shall be broken in your name.

(Smiles Hysterically!!!)