When will Nigeria's Insecurity Problems end?

By Ubong Usoro
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There is a video going round the internet, showing a group of teenagers suspected to be robbers crying and begging for mercy as they were being tortured after they were allegedly caught robbing in Ikutun, Lagos.

Residents of Lagos (Mainland) and Ogun State have complained bitterly about the spike in robbery ever since the pronouncement of lockdown in those locations by President Buhari.

It is quite saddening and disturbing that in a period of National Emergency, caused by Corona Virus, a Virus that brings death and despair, Nigerians now have a choice of staying home with no power, high probability of being robbed, dying of malnutrition and hunger, those who decide to go out, are faced with options of being harassed by security operatives, contacting the virus or even being killed by trigger happy personnels.

Considering the fact that we are still battling serious insecurity problems with bandits, cow rustlers, kidnappers, arm robbers, internet fraudsters, terrorists etc.

This forces the question down my mind. When will Nigerian Insecurity Problems end?

Nigeria is going through a lot of pressure, especially as regards population explosion, increased number of people living in absolute poverty, climate change, desertification and increasing proliferation of weapons. Our security apparatus is really stressed, from the Northeast, Boko Haram runs mayhems, conflicts in the middle belt and alteration between fulanis and indigenous farming communities in the south. There is also a high crime rate as aggregated by organized gangs or cults, adding to a high level of police brutality.

The sky looks dark for this great country of more than 200 million people.

However, we have recorded some gains, especially as regards high profile killings, the Nigerian Police Force, have showed great courage and determination, but the is a high level of mistrust in public institution, which have led citizens to most times take laws into their own hands, leading to the establishment of armed militias by regions, and agitation by some states.

To flatten this rising curve of insecurity, Nigeria must open more doors for her citizens, especially, graduates roaming the streets in their millions, skilled men should be given viable opportunity to work, accountability should be the watchword of the country. If the looming danger is not averted on time, it may consume us with time.

Ubong Usoro, writes for the NigerianVoice, he lives in Calabar. You can reach him through [email protected]

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