My Humble Suggestion To Osun Governor On COVID-19 Lockdown

By Goke Omigbodun
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Goke Omigbodun

It is my humble opinion that Osun Governor Gboyega Oyetola and his team have done very well thus far in containing COVID-19 spread within the state, by the singular all-important decision of declaring a lockdown within the state in the last 14 days... Kudos!

Whilst it is expectedly difficult to administer palliatives of food and other relief stuff in a country like Nigeria, with neither biometric nor geographical information systems in place over the years, the anticipated shortcomings and expressed dissatisfaction of most recipients of the recent distribution of 6020 bags of rice accros the state could be quite discouraging for a well-meaning gesture of Government.

Whilst the 21-member Osun State Food and Relief Committee seems to be brewing some hope in the people, I honestly believe that the entitlement mentality of some Osun residents may still give a worse than real reflection of whatever good impact the Committee's activities may have in making life easier for the people...especially if the state is still fully locked down, going forward!

I also observed that virtually all reported cases of the COVID-19 in Osun today, are from incoming travellers into Osun, and not amongst ordinarily residents.

My humble suggestions therefore are:
1. that Osun State boundaries should continue to be firmly under lock and movement into or out of Osun from/to any neighboring State till end of April 2020.

2. Movement of people, vehicles and materials within Osun State, should be allowed immediately, and businesses allowed to operate (even if rules of Social Distancing may still be imposed relatively)

The above, if effected, will still curtail any more inward spreading of the dreaded COVID-19 into Osun, whilst giving residents a breathing space to earn their livelihood.

There should also be less tendency to crime like those observed in pockets of Lagos neighborhoods.

There should also be less credence to the entitlement mentality of those expecting so much palliative from Government.

It will always be well with us in Osun - Amen!
Goke Omigbodun, an Architect and Educationists is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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