April 13: Power in Saying “No”!

By Bassey Ekong

Romans 8:1 (KJV), “There is therefore now ¬no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” There is power in the word 'No' to silence the enemies, bind the devil, give believers ability and capability to pull down strongholds, free from burdens, break yokes and make lives meaningful.

This word “NO” appears 1666 times in the Bible. When you begin to exercise your power to use the word, No on a regular basis, you are in effect defining your independence from the forces of the enemy. A slave cannot say “no” to the master. Many Christians and believers have lost a lot in life because they couldn't say no.

A disciplined person must say no, this can't be done, it's not proper. Jesus said “no” to the devil (See Mathew 4). It is always spiritually empowering and acceptable to say no to the antics of Satan in your life. Saying NO is a key to personal strength. If Samson had said No, he wouldn't have died with his enemies. If Eve had said No, sin wouldn't have entered the world. Saying No, protected Joseph in Potiphar's house.

In 2 Chronicles 20:22 Jehoshaphat said No to defeat, therefore, say No to obstacles in your life, to lies of the devil, defeat and discouragement. Feed on the word of God daily and say No to any power that doesn't want you to read the word of God, pray, fast and go to church or serve the Lord. Say no to oppositions, violence, family wickedness or wickedness in high places, destructive manipulations, powers that don't want you to reach your goal, and powers that watch your words daily and please say no to it. Two words determine your destiny. YES to Good things to come and NO to the devil and all their antics.

During deliverance demons can say no when they don't want to release the person. They can give such excuses as: the person is our queen and is holding our property or any such evil excuse. Demons know that the word 'NO 'is a powerful word. As a child of God, change your perception and God will change your position in life. Read 2 Corinthians 4: 8-9. We have played with the devil for too long.

Are you experiencing problems now? Say Anointed “No” to the devil and free your life. Say no to the antics of the devil and resist him and let him flee from you today, in Jesus’ name. Please don't quit; you are not a failure. Say no to spiritual blindness, madness or mental problems, no to diseases or pestilence, ancestral burdens, family curses etc.

If you were given a bad name, say NO, change it and pray against such names then give yourself a new name bless it and let everyone and your family know that you have changed it and glorify God with it. God cannot lie or change, neither forsake you, nor go back on his promises or break his covenant. Note: Learn how to shout anointed 'NO' to any progress of darkness. You can sing or say repeatedly, " You are the pillar that holds my life, Master Jesus you are the pillar that holds my life."

Let’s pray: Today, I’d like you to be proactive in prayer and to say and repeat each of these prayer points up to three times: *O God arise, let all the Enemies in my life scatter in the name of Jesus. *Thou rage of the noisome pestilence, keep silence, in Jesus name. *Every battle assigned to mock my destiny, die, in the name of Jesus. *No evil shall touch me neither shall any plaque come into my camp in the name of Jesus. *I say NO to any handwriting of infirmity assigned against me in the name of Jesus. *I say NO to every stranger in my body in the name of Jesus.

Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 22-24; Luke 12:1-31

NO Weapon Against Us Shall Prosper.