Echoes Of Silent Laughter

By Adeola Ikuomola
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The sea is a shining sword
The sky is a flashing spear
Arguments without feather
Enthroned atmospheric fire
Upon conflicting firepowers
Contending over the towers

This night rain is very heavy
That skies may crash down
Lightning in our apartments
Fires thunder across the sky
Fears remain true guardians
Trembling upon our bedroom

Clouds speak on deformities
To squat upon rock contents
Like the sickly block building
Breaking up hearts of stones
Atoning for weedy-musicians
Playing for the grasshoppers

The drowning right wing dove
Sees a floating left wing hawk
Hammered by thunderstorms
They mixed-up like sea waves
The blocs collapse like blocks
On the birth pangs of live wire

Echoes from silent laughter
Opens a sociological chapter
Like the wave-bearing rafters
The mariners' national capital
On their multinational orbitals
Seeking out the lonely Jupiter