Covid19: Osun releases 109 Abidjan returnees from isolation facility

By Olawale Oyegbade, The Nigerian Voice, S/W Bureau Chiefa
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The Governor of Osun State, Mr Gboyega Oyetola today disclosed that 109 out of 127 Abidjan returnees quarantined in the state to determine their covid19 status have been released from the isolation center.

He said this in Osogbo while briefing newsmen on the government efforts to contain the virus.

Oyetola said the 109 returnees tested negative to Coronavirus and that the remaining 18 that tested positive are receiving treatment and are in good condition.

Oyetola said the lockdown in the state may be extended if necessary and appealed to the people of Osun to endure.

The governor said the 21-member relief committee he set up was working on modalities for the distribution of relief materials to the people of the state

The governor said one of the infected patients who absconded from the facility did not mingle with the residents and that no fear that the patient infected anyone within the period she left the facility.

Oyetola said the 127 returnees were from different parts of the country and Osun saved Nigeria from major disaster by ensuring that the 127 returnees did not go to their respective state.

"Upon profiling, we realised that many of the returnees are from different states. For instance, two of them are from Abi State. But we took responsibly and treated all of them."

"It would have been disastrous if the 127 people were allows to move to their various state and mix with people in their respective communities when they came into the country", he said.

Oyeta debunked the rumour that federal government has released N5billion to Osun to manage covid19.

The governor urged the federal government to assist Osun in its efforts to prevent the further spread of the disease.