IGP Intelligence Response Team (IRT) Smashes Drug Trafficking Syndicate, Arrests Peddlers

By The Nigerian Voice

Operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT), led by DC Abba Kyari have smashed a drug trafficking syndicate and recovered over 300 sachets of Rohypnol among other illicit drugs.

It was gathered that at least six members of the syndicate had been arrested and presently being quizzed by operatives.

According to the operatives, the six-man syndicate operates in Kaduna State and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The syndicate gets its supplies from Lagos State and Onitsha in Anambra State. It then allegedly sells same to bandits.

A police source said: “We recovered about 15 grammes of cocaine and over 300 sachets of Rohypnol from the syndicate. “The total value of the drugs is over N500,000.” One of the suspects, Jide Akinsanya, 37, who is married with two children, said: “I came to Abuja three years ago and I started out as an apprentice in a furniture company. “I learnt how to make furniture at Die-Die and Kugbo areas of Abuja. “I started selling drugs two years ago. “There was this man known as Mr. Lanre, who I met in a building, where he sells drugs.

“Some people used to send the drugs to him from Lagos. “They usually conceal the drugs in an envelope, which they waybill through commercial buses. “My work is to pick up the drugs at Giri and Yanyah areas of Abuja. “We send the drugs to Alhaji Yanyah, who sells them to end users in Abuja. “We use to supply him 20 to 30 grammes every week.

“After the death of Mr. Lanre, I took over the business; I started supplying Alhaji. “On each trip, I make N50,000. “One day, one of his boys called me, that they needed supplies. “When I got there, I was arrested.

“Alhaji Yanyah is presently on the run.” Another suspect, Johnson Uche, 45, also married with a child, said: “I grew up in Abuja. “I used to supply ginger and maize in Zaria until my business partner ran away with my money last year. “When that incident happened, my wife was pregnant. “I was under serious pressure. “It was at that point that I was introduced to drug trafficking. “I was introduced into the business by a big time dealer at Area 1. “I used to buy a gram for N11,000, which I cut into pinches. “I make between N3,000 and N4,000 as profit per gram.

“Most of my customers call me on the phone.
“I got those customers through the person that introduced me into the business. “I started the drug business last July.

“Most of the money I made were spent on my wife’s delivery. “She delivered through a Caesarian Section. “I ran into trouble on February 21, 2020 after a customer called and asked me to supply cocaine worth N4,000. “In the process, I was arrested.”

Apai Idoko, 30, father of two, who confessed that he deals in crack cocaine, said: “I usually get my supplies from a man known as Mike in Lagos. “I sell based on phone calls. “When people call, I supply. “I used to buy 20 to 30 grams. “A gram is N9,000. “I used to break it into pieces and sell it on pinches. “I sell a pinch for N1,000. “I have been into this for two years now, but I’ve been unable to build a house from it.

“There was a property I bought, but I later discovered that it was a fraud. “A few days ago, someone called me for supplies, when I got there, policemen were on ground. “I was arrested at Sabo Kasua in Kaduna State.” Nnemaka Kalu, 38, who got to Kaduna in 1997 as an apprentice to a businessman, said that he served the man for nine years and after his apprenticeship, his boss gave him money to start his own business. Kalu said: “I have a pharmacy.

“Last month one Kelechi came to order for Rohypnol. “I called my contact in Ontisha, known as ND; I asked for five rolls, which has 150 sachets in it. “A roll was N51,000. “When it arrived, I sold the drug to Kelechi at N52,000 because I was just trying to assist him. “I also made order for another five rolls, which I gave him. “On the third job, I bought 10 rolls and gave him everything. “By Saturday, Police arrested him and later came to arrest me. “I didn’t know that Rohypnol is a banned drug. “I thought it was a drug they sell without prescription.”