We are all equal before the beast - Corona Virus COVID-19

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This is the time to know that we all have ONLY ONE GOD, THE ALMIGHTY GOD, THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. No one talks about social vices, war, economy etc. but everyone is talking about Corona Virus now.

Where are the corrupt Politicians bragging with their ill-gotten assets?. Where are the so called GOs, Prophets, Pastors, etc? It is evident that they are all Liars. Where are their prophecies and their miracles? They cajole their congregants diabolically and arrogantly to deliver them from evil/dark forces.

Politicians- Instead of providing pipe-borne drinkable water, they provide bore hole. Instead of supplying electricity, they provide generators. Instead of constructing Health care centres and hospitals they are building personal houses and buying houses in Dubai.

For the Pastors! You are all keeping quiet now! Instead of building Health centres you turn churches to business centres in the name of Universities, estates etc. here and there. Instead of supporting your government, you are all building business empires for your family members. You use your left hand to help the poor ones if at all, but use the right hand to collect the money back through the back doors (from drug barons, politicians, Embezzlement, ritualists, stolen money, 419s, fraud, selling miracles from handkerchiefs, holy water, olive oil, candles etc.)- Sources of your income! Or where did you get the money for your lifestyles? Instead of preaching here in Nigeria you travel out to preach and perform miracles in Western countries where everything works and start coming home with hard earned Dollars contributed by your church members in abroad. Na lie?

For those of you who have aeroplanes and expensive cars, instead of serving your church members and those in need, you are living luxurious lifestyles. Now go and fly to America, there is corona virus there. Fly to Canada, there is corona virus there, fly to Italy, London, Germany, India etc. Corona virus is also there.

Our Politicians and our Pastors should now go and hide in Wuhan in China where there is no Coronavirus. Buy properties there and build bigger churches there. If this happens, Nigeria will experience good transformation within one year!

Are we not equal before Corona Virus now? Kings, Presidents, Governors, Commissioners, Pastors, Politicians, Millionaires and the poor ones are now equal before this beast! Everyone is panicking.

Lesson: Invest in your peoples’ welfare and you will have rest of mind and no guilty conscience.

Michael Abiodun writes from Toronto, Canada. He is the publisher of: WWW.OASESNEWS.COM