Cross Party Group Of Mps Call On Government To Waive Nfpf Immigration Status

By Taiwo Owatemi (Member of Parliament for Coventry North West)
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London, England – 25/03/2020: A cross-party group of MPs signed a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling for the temporary removal of the no recourse to public funds status to allow access to COVID-19 relief schemes.

In the letter, co-ordinated by Coventry North West MP Taiwo Owatemi, nearly 100 MPs expressed their concern at the lack of provision afforded to immigrants with the NRPF status. Those given leave to remain in the UK with this condition are unable to access some government benefits, including Universal Credit.

This leaves their access to the Government’s measures to support workers, business owners and the unemployed through this health crisis in doubt. As it stands, self-employed people with NRPF status, such as many construction workers, and care workers will be unable to benefit from the Government’s provision for the self-employed through universal credit.

Without Government funds it is feared that people with NRPF status will continue to travel to their jobs which may not be considered ‘essential’. By denying people the funding, designed to make the government’s social distancing measures easier to follow, they will find it increasingly hard to adhere to NHS guidance with potentially fatal consequences.

Commenting on the letter Taiwo Owatemi stated “We of couse welcome the measures designed by the government to support people through this crisis.

However, it is unacceptable that people with no recourse to public funds should be left out of this relief.

It is clear that we must all work together to end this crisis. Unless the government waives their NRPF status, this portion of our communities will have to choose between protecting their health or losing their livelihood.”