Lock-down & Isolation Could Work If Everybody Takes It Seriously

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

If the whole world did their part to quarantine for 5 weeks all at the exact same time, we could eradicate so much illness in this world. But if we quarantine and then others are not, then after our quarantine those others will bring us the disease eventually. The way we are doing it now only goes to slow the infection rate and not stop it. Working as collective we could save humanity by all staying home for 5 weeks and we can’t even manage to do that? It’s terrible the way the world leaders and citizens are not enlightened enough to understand how healing this could be for all. I believe the time is now to heal the world and by extension ourselves.

The covid-19 virus is a mutant virus. A virus that is very hard to create a vaccine to. Very hard. It is very dangerous. It has already mutated twice. Our only defence is to keep people apart and building body immunity (as Besigye Kiiza Explained). Other diseases have effective vaccines. The aim is to stop it in its tracks before it becomes the crisis we have seen in Italy and Spain. But if people "just pop over to the neighbour for a coffee" or make other seemingly innocuous social contact, it doesn't work. We must stay faithful if you will to our own small flock within our household.

Lockdown means, everyone stays home, unless for essential work, pharmacy, Medical, shopping. For instance, here in the UK, Boris Johnson has done a semi lockdown--some are responding well others still don't take the measures seriously. The USA is only under a partial lockdown-- Kentucky Governor just announced that all non-life-sustaining business must close by 8 P.M. this Thursday. Other than that, social distancing has been the only specific order. Las Vegas is closed-- No casinos, no dining in restaurants, no hotels. Florida- Orlando is mostly closed and stay at home orders have been issued. 3-4 weeks lockdown in Washington State. In Holland the schools and most businesses are closed. They are asked to stay home but allowed to go out for a walk with only 2 persons and 1,5 metres distance. it’s not a complete lockdown.

However, leaders should do something about peoples rent, mortgages, electricity, internet, Bank loans and phone bills for people. I was watching a Uganda TV program yesterday on NBS, and I was depressed when Hon.Muhammad Nsereko said that Kampala City Authority wanted to provide water tanks to people around Kampala, but National Water told them that water won't be for free—so, they dropped the initiative. He also mentioned that Ugandans have to pay money in order to be quarantined—I found this so ridiculous. NSSF isn’t ready to reimburse some money to the people saving with them, apparently, because the money was borrowed by the Bank of Uganda.

Uganda is in a semi lock-down according to the presidential directives, but people seem not to take anything seriously. Semi means: 4 sq metre distancing, no gatherings/parties at home or anywhere, 10 ppl maximum to a funeral, 10 people to a wedding including celebrant and bride and groom, schools are closed, but markets and businesses are all still open.Social distancing hasn't sunk in yet as shown in a video by Timothy Kalyegira showing people on streets in Kampala crowding up.

If the entire world stayed in isolation, the virus would only affect those it has already reached and stop there with no one new to infect it would be eradicated. No vaccines necessary. A vaccine does not work on a virus that mutates that’s why the flu shot is always a year behind and spreads flu.

Fastidious discipline has created a recession of disease in China. Convincing the ignorant and the people who still think this is overblown, or worse a hoax, is our job now as action now is what’s required. We all can offer something to our humanity. From prayer,songs, information to support-- whatever it may be! We are one humanity!