Beyond Religion And Culture

By Odimegwu Oneumere
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Odimegwu Oneumere
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I'm very much perturbed about this spreading virus. My fear stems on the state of Nigerian hospitals. As a writer who had conducted research on healthcare system in Nigeria, it's disturbing what I had discovered. The discovery is the reason I'm restless given the velocity of the dreadful virus. For instance, Nigeria, as at 2018, had only two cancer treatment centres across the country. Then again, foreign orgs and governments have been donating to causes like HIV, Mortality and other sundry issues. Yet, these issues have not been stemmed and the authorities concerned only show stagemanship. Without sounding immodest, this country isn't known to keep a date with emergency. It has shown lackadaisical approach on virtually everything. The roads are not working, the airports are not like those we see in other climes with befitting ambience, education is almost dead. There is no sane organization in this country. I am afraid that a country with sectional bigotry to attend to insecurity with the equal measure it needs, would do much in the fight against this virus. Presumably that this virus hits a particular ethnic grouping other than that of those in power, I am not sure who will attend to the people there because there is no spirit of teamwork in the country but sectional. Of a truth, Nigeria cannot handle this menace alone; a country that is finding it very hard to eradicate malaria, send mortality rate on exile and fix its healthcare system. This is not the time for tea party. Social orgs could be closed but what are formations being put in place to fight the virus should there be total breakdown?