COVID 19: Shut Down all Non-Essential Government Activites Now

By Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ)
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The NIGERIA Union of Journalists National Secretariat calls on the Federal Government to shut down all non essential government activities immediately to curtail the increasing spread of Covid 19 across the country.

The Union believes it has become a matter of topmost priority to do so to avert an impending catastrophe more so with more cases springing up in Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory.

Only essential services like medical services, the Police, armed forces, fire services , telecommunications, the media, banks, selected markets and the power sector should be allowed to operate in the meantime.

We equally call on all Nigerians to adhere strictly to advice from medical institutions and government while state governments and the Federal Government should emulate the China , America and other European countries which are taking urgent remedial measures to ensure that the people do not suffer untold hardships .

This is the time to work together for the collective survival of the country because no one is safe if only one person gets infected.

Chris Isiguzo
National President