By NBF News

Lagos-based Cameroonian born emerging singer, Della, has sensationally landed on the nation's music firmament with her Zouk-inspired Afro pop album entitled: The Della Effect.

Amazingly, Thinking About You, the hit song in the ten-tracker offering from the sexy and stylish diva, is already on air enjoying massive airplay, with the full work expected to hit shelves in the next couple of weeks.

Giving an insight on her odyssey in the music terrain, Della, who has already spent seven years in the industry, revealed that she started by  writing and composing songs at 17, adding that she used to perform on a music show on TV, in her country, called Delir. 'I also picked a strong interest in guitar, but singing has always been my passion, and now that has culminated into an album. Sincerely, music connects me to my fans.'

Describing her kind of music, effervescent Della, said it's deep and versatile, adding that her musical influences and background, tell a lot in her works. 'Thinking About You, is a Zouk inspired easy listening and yet highly danceable track. I won't say much about the other tracks, all I can tell you is that club goers and Reggae lovers alike won't be disappointed with the Della effect.'

On how she intends winning the souls of Nigerian music lovers with her debut effort, she posited that her music is very versatile and hugely contemporary. Della is equally of the view that the Nigerian launch of the work would definitely endear her to music lovers in the country. 'Without being too optimistic, Della is probably just going to be another international Afro pop diva.'

Della, whose album was produced by Cobhams Asuquo, described the visually-impaired music-maker as a gem. 'Cobhams has an incredible natural talent, very down-to-earth and always ready to help get the best out of artistes… Now that it's all over, I still miss working with him.' She also praised her mother for always giving her the strength to sing and believe in her dreams.

With influential and famous singers like; Onyeka Onwenu, , late Lucky Dube, Whitney Houston and a few others influencing her career choice, Della, further revealed that her music is about life experiences, love and the many trials and tribulations that come with it. She equally hopes to combine modeling with singing if time permits.