Police: Calif couple tried to sell baby at Walmart

Source: montereyherald.com

SALINAS, Calif.—A California couple faces child endangerment charges after police say they tried to sell their 6-month-old baby for $25 outside a Walmart store.

Salinas police spokesman, Officer Lalo Villegas, said Thursday that 38-year-old Patrick Fousek and 20-year-old Samantha Tomasini were arrested early Wednesday, hours after Fousek approached two women outside Walmart and asked if they'd like to purchase his child.

Villegas says the women had thought Fousek was joking but when he became persistent, they became suspicious. The women reported it to police.

The couple also face a charge of being under the influence. Fousek also was on probation.

Villegas says he believes the couple do not have attorneys yet, but will likely get assigned ones at an expected arraignment Friday.

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