February 25:  Prayer Saves Time

By Bassey Ekong
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Prayer saves you time. Many of us say we believe this principle, but our lives suggest otherwise. We put off praying because we think it is a waste of time – or at least less important than other activities. Moreover, we think the length of time we pray is unimportant.

Why did Jesus spend hours in prayer? Because He has a genuine relationship with the Father, and any relationship takes time to build and maintain. God says to us in effect, “You’ll get more done in my presence than you accomplish in the presence of other people. You spend all day talking carelessly and foolishly with others, and in the end, no problem is solved, nothing is achieved, and nothing has changed, and you are depressed. You could have spent those hours praying for the government, the gangs, and other situations.”

When we spend time in prayer, God often uses our voices in His word to change circumstances. Instead of having this powerful role in God’s plan, we spend most of our time trying to figure out what God wants us to do, and we waste the whole day. Christ is saying to us, “I go to the father first; I see what He’s already done and I do it.” (See John 5: 19 – 20). This is the pattern He wants us to follow.

Through prayer, man discovers what God has already done in the unseen, and in faith He sees it manifest on earth. (See Matthew 18:18). As you spend time with God, He will show you what you should do next. The time you save can be used in effectively getting closer to Him and serving His kingdom.

Note: When you spend time with God, He reveals what He wants you to do next.

Let’s pray: Our Father, thank you for caring about me so much that you want to share your plans with me. Lord, show me what to do today as I seek your direction, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s reading: Numbers 9 – 11; Mark 5:1-20

Prayer Saves Time-Spend Time With Your Father.